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AI Factory for Insurance

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What is "AI Factory for Insurance"?

  • The AI Factory for Insurance is an innovative organisational model combined with a flexible, modular IT architecture. As an innovation and implementation factory, it is there to systematically develop, train and deploy AI models in digital business processes.

Put the customer experience at the centre!

The focus is on the user experience of insurance customers and collaboration & knowledge sharing among the professional and technical AI players in the insurance company.  

Create trust in the AI processes!

Many companies have a clear digitalisation strategy that envisages the automation of various core processes, also using artificial intelligence (AI). In most cases, the development of AI models has already begun, but on the one hand, the concepts used often do not scale, and on the other hand, there is a fundamental lack of trust in the results for their use in fully automated customer processes. The AI Factory for Insurance addresses these requirements and shows a solution.

Four reasons for the AI Factory:

Benefit from the advantages of the AI Factory for Insurance.

AI-Model Lifecycle Management

AI Factory for Insurance is an industrialised approach for the development and deployment of AI models in business processes

Confidence in the results

The results of the models are so reliable that decisions based on them are fair and transparent.

Speed in operationalisation

You retain control over data usage and the training state of the models for rapid releases at DevOps pace.

Self-Service and Collaboration

Maximise the use of self-service, collaboration and automation for near real-time decision-making.

Curious now?

We will be happy to answer your questions about the AI Factory for Insurance and advise you on the possibilities and potential in your insurance company.

How does the AI Factory for Insurance work?

  • The data is read in, cleaned and integrated. A model can be developed (build), trained and finally put into operation (deploy) on this data. At the output of the deployed model is a decision that is passed on to downstream applications via interfaces (API), thus controlling the further workflow.
  • The models provide decision-making aids, for example for classification, extraction of specialised data, cluster assignments or score values, which are used by insurance applications via standard interfaces.
Graphic of the AI Factory for Insurance

Our services

We build your AI Factory for Insurance with you.

TIMETOACT GROUP has a lot of experience in the disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, Information Architecture, Machine Learning, Data Science, Automation and DevOps. With the successful integration of these skills, we help insurers build their AI Factory for Insurance and develop it step by step.

Specifically, we support you in these areas:
  • Design of business use cases
  • Creation of business models and training
  • All aspects of data engineering
  • Data Governance and Master Data Management
  • Machine Learning Operations
  • Advice on tool selection
  • Licensing, installation and configuration of software
  • R/E and B/E application development
  • Automation and system integration

Our approach to using the AI Factory for Indurance:

If you decide to use the AI Factory for Indurance, we will go through these steps. It is important to us to keep the technical depth for you as low as possible.

Get started with the AI Factory in a Discovery Workshop!

For a fast start, we recommend a half-day discovery workshop, which we currently also conduct online and customise according to your needs.

After an initial briefing with innovation examples and use cases from insurance practice, the exploration of use cases takes place with a view to the priorities and ambitions of your company as well as the evaluation of cost-benefit aspects. Finally, the most relevant use case is selected and solution options are considered (across tools and manufacturers) for rapid implementation to a minimum viable product.

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Watch our AI Factory webcast:

In the webcast, you will learn why the topic of artificial intelligence is so important for insurers. We explain what the AI Factory for Insurance is exactly and which five elements make up the Factory. We will then show you how it can be implemented in insurance companies and how it can be integrated into other/similar initiatives.

Speaker: Michael Ehrmantraut (IBM)