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Innovative claims management at insurers

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Make your claims management innovative and efficient!

Positive customer experience

Modern workflows put the customer experience front and center - even with hybrid contact (digital and human) - as it helps you increase efficiency and focus on what matters most

Learning processes

Digitization, learning business processes, a high degree of automation and decision support characterize innovative claims management

Increased efficiency

In Intelligent Document Processing, the latest technologies are used to automatically find case-relevant information in the abundance of documents and to control further processing in context.

New technologies help for intelligent claims management:

Insurers have the challenge of helping people quickly and reliably in the event of a claim. At the same time, they need to keep claims and benefits management costs down to keep insurance premiums affordable.

  • From claims creation to approval and execution of settlement, seamless digital processes help in claims management. Data describing the customer context can be automatically captured and analyzed, leading to better, machine-based decision suggestions. Even when different digital channels are integrated, a consistent picture of the claim and the customer situation is maintained.


Make your claims management innovative!

We would be happy to advise you on innovative claims management in a non-binding meeting.

Innovative claims management - how does it work?

Components of innovative claims management:

Icon Modern Data Architecture
Icon Innovative Analytics

Modern data architecture

Better data basis for effective claims processing.

We help insurers to collect relevant data, connect it and make it analyzable (data insights). This enables the systems to access the information needed for claims processing. Insurers access better data bases when they tap internal and external data sources and also make greater use of social media, for example. 

Innovative Analytics

Evaluate data effectively and make predictive decisions.

The right scoring and predictive models help you make the right decisions in the event of a claim and incorporate knowledge from similar cases. Insurers not only benefit from more accurate reports and descriptive statistics, but can use them to plan and design more predictively. 

Icon Intelligent document processing
Icon Digitaler Workflow

Intelligent document processing

Effective document management for increased customer satisfaction.

In the event of a claim, there are many different documents. With Intelligent Document Processing, we ensure automatic processing and extraction of the relevant specialist data you need for claims management. This relieves your employees of routine tasks and allows them to process the claim file more quickly and communicate with the customer in a better informed manner.

Digital workflow

Focus on the customer experience with modern workflows.

We build seamless digital processes (Smart Insurance Workflows) with you, without media breaks. In this way, we ensure speed and quality. To do this, we combine rule-based procedures and trained models - depending on which procedure is better suited for automation, with outstanding quality.

We are here for you

As your digitalization partner, we work together to find the best IT solutions for your requirements to make your claims management innovative.

  • Vulnerability Analysis:
    We offer a vulnerability analysis to find potential for improvement in your claims management. This includes, in particular, the detection and elimination of media discontinuities.

  • Discovery Workshop:
    In a discovery workshop (which we also offer online), we discuss innovative application examples of how claims management can be optimized.

  • Software development:
    With our own developers, we help to introduce standard software and carry out individual development. We are available for you at 16 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and can also advise you personally on site.

  • Introduction of a modern IT architecture
    We provide a modern IT architecture, help you introduce technologies such as AI and RPA, and ensure the automation of your business processes.

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We would be happy to advise you on innovative claims management in a non-binding meeting.

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