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Digitalization inevitably leads to business processes changing and roles and responsibilities being redistributed. At the same time, new legal requirements, regulations and standards need to be met. Maintaining an overview in this complex situation and managing all the necessary changes in terms of operational excellence presents many companies with considerable challenges.


How much freedom or control do you want?

Digitalization is leaving its mark on companies. First of all, new and creative ways must be found to create space for innovation. The implementation of innovative digital solutions requires new IT systems that are more powerful and have additional functions. At the same time, manual processes are being supplemented or completely replaced by digital workflows. In contrast, we are currently seeing a significant increase in government regulation. 

In addition to information and data processing security requirements, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues are playing an increasingly important role. Achieving the right balance between creative freedom and the exploitation of technical possibilities on the one hand, and control to ensure efficiency in business processes and compliance with legal regulations and obligations on the other, presents companies with considerable challenges.

  • With our approaches, we help you to successfully complete the digital transformation. We work together with you to develop a governance concept with which the digital transformation can be monitored and managed in line with the strategic goals set and existing framework conditions in the respective markets.

Operational Excellence

How do you ensure continuous improvement of your processes?

Companies are constantly changing. New competitors are entering the market, new digital technologies are setting innovative standards, new regulatory and legal requirements must be observed and customers' purchasing behavior is also changing. At the same time, value creation must be maximized with the existing business model. The digital transformation is increasing the pressure for change within the company and is contributing to the fact that many companies now see the adaptation and optimization of their business processes as an ongoing task.

With operational excellence, you can ensure that company processes and activities along your value chain are aligned in such a way that the expected results are achieved in an efficient and risk-optimized manner and that a learning and continuously improving organization is created. However, this requires a will to change and a commitment to quality, as well as transparency regarding critical process performance parameters or compliance with norms and standards - be it in the areas of IT security, data protection or sustainability.

  • Our experts will help you to set the necessary priorities and successfully implement operational excellence in a structured process.

Our services for your governance & operational excellence

Ideation Workshop: Megatrends in governance

Our joint approach:

With the help of our 360° approach (PESTEL), we show you the developments relevant to your corporate and IT governance, from technologies such as cloud and artificial intelligence to social and ecological aspects such as New Work and decarbonization in IT to new legal requirements such as the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act, and place them in the context of your company's digital transformation.

Your benefit: 

  1. Insights into good practices based on our project experience
  2. Good governance approaches and management concepts for digital transformation

Discovery Workshop: ESG - opportunities and risks

Our joint approach:

Many companies are currently focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics. This development is also affecting IT. However, the selection and prioritization of measures, e.g. reducing the carbon footprint of your own IT, should not be left to chance. In our Master Class workshop, we will work with you to determine which ESG measures make sense for your company.

Your benefit: 

  1. Basic concept for ESG risk management
  2. ESG measures catalog with initial key figures
  3. Recommendations for the implementation of measures
  4. Insights into best practices based on our project experience

Assessment: ESG - Maturity level

Our joint approach:

Together, we evaluate your ESG maturity level, record the measures planned and already implemented for this and look for possible anomalies and irregularities in the way your company deals with the topic of ESG. Our ESG assessment is based on relevant ISO standards on the environment (e.g. ISO 14001), social responsibility (e.g. ISO 26000) and governance (e.g. ISO 37000). 

Your benefit: 

  1. Identification of significant risks and opportunities relating to ESG issues together with an ESG red flag analysis
  2. Clear picture of how your company is positioned in ESG risk management
  3. Objective maturity level of the ESG criteria relevant to you
  4. Concrete suggestions for next steps (projects and initiatives)

Roadmap design: good practices for ESG implementation

Our joint approach:

In our roadmap design workshop, we compile all planned and ongoing ESG measures and compare the objectives for the individual measures with your company's overarching ESG objectives. If necessary, we work together with you to develop suggestions for corrections to the action plan, develop proposals for additional measures and transfer the results into a binding ESG roadmap.

Your benefit: 

  1. Summary of all ESG projects and initiatives in a realistic plan for the implementation of ESG risk management
  2. Realizable milestones for ESG projects and initiatives with clearly defined goals and handover points for work results

Assessment: DSGVO / GDPR and data governance maturity level

Our joint approach:

With digitalization, the volume of data processed in a company is increasing significantly. How can you demonstrate your GDPR compliance and improve the maturity of your data protection environment in this dynamic environment? With our GDPR and data governance assessment, we determine how data protection requirements are handled in your company.

Your benefit: 

  1. Assessment of the implementation of the principles for effective data protection management in your data governance in accordance with legal requirements
  2. Specific recommendations for additional processes, technologies or control measures to increase the maturity level of your data protection environment
  3. Structured preparation for a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

What do you need for a lean, efficient yet resilient and secure IT organization?

We work with you to develop balanced governance and operational excellence concepts that take all internal and external requirements into account.

We not only ensure that internal control systems (integrated management systems) are implemented in accordance with regulations and standards, but also that maximum efficiency and flexibility are achieved in the defined roles and responsibilities / processes and workflows.

Jan HachenbergerDirector Strategy Consulting

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