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Analytics & Business Intelligence

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Analytics & Business Intelligence has become increasingly important in recent years. Companies that do not deal with Analytics and Business Intelligence find it difficult to cope with nowaday's huge amounts of data. With the help of analytical concepts and special software you can collect data of your own company, competitors or market developments to make your business processes and customer and supplier relationships more successful.

  • Our experts can advise you on all aspects of Analytics & Business Intelligence as well as Advanced, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. This includes individual workshops, Data Integration and Governance, Data Warehouse as well as Data Vault and reports.


Use all collected data

If you want to survive in global competition, you have to keep an eye on your data. In the digital age, companies are faced with major challenges in this regard. The desire for fast, reliable and agile extraction of decision-relevant data is confronted with a constantly growing mountain of data that needs to be conquered.

Business Intelligence

Analyze and visualize your data

With Business Intelligence, you have your digital data firmly under control. We design and construct the right BI solution for you and offer services in various disciplines. Together, we collect, store and analyze your business data and visualize it using dashboards and reporting.

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With the addition of Business Intelligence, the TIMETOACT GROUP completes its IBM solution portfolio and strengthens its position in the market. In the next few years, companies of all sizes will be looking for solutions that enable a more intelligent use of their data.

Roger KlugHCL Business Unit Executive Channel Sales & General BusinessHCL Deutschland


Identify risks and optimize business processes

Digital transformation changes the foundation of every company in the long term. Those who want to achieve the greatest possible benefits and best results in their business areas in the future are dependent on identifying risks at an early stage, optimizing business processes and deploying resources with maximum efficiency.

Advanced Analytics

Make predictions about the future

Advanced analytics encompasses a wide range of tools that can examine business processes and help bring about change and improvement. We work together making collected data better understandable. As a result we extract value information that leads to more better and more informed decisions. This is how you optimize your business processes.

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The powerful range of Advanced Analytics:

Both, the standard budget report as well as the decentralized planning were met with great approval and enthusiasm. The decision for this software house was absolutely right.

Robert AlgnerHolder of Central ControllingLandratsamt Bodenseekreis

The TIMETOACT BI solution maps our dynamic market environment very well. Strategic and operational planning benefit equally from our new system.

August Storm GmbH & Co. KG


Collect data in one place

Anyone who wants to be successful today must think and act in multiple channels. Consequently, more and more channels also require correct and up-to-date product data. However, master data is often only stored in the ERP and information on marketing and operations is in some cases only available in the form of e-mails, word documents or even only printed as a catalog. If certain information is needed, it often still has to be compiled manually and prepared by or for marketing and sales.

Product Information Management

Product Information Management as a success factor

If all product data are complete, correct and data quality is assured,  all systems can be supplied and kept up to date and new channels can be connected more easily. Futhermore it is easier to respond to market changes and supplier data can be integrated. This means greater customer satisfaction, more efficient quotation and order processing, an optimized view of the company's own portfolio and a reduction in costs on the user side. 

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Our Success Stories in Analytics & Business Intelligence:

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