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Automatic handwriting recognition for insurers

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Recognize handwriting quickly – This is how it works!

Whether handwritten letters from customers or notes on documents - even if it seems old-fashioned, handwriting is still present in the everyday business of insurers despite advancing digitalization. Typically, this creates manual effort for insurers, because: Handwriting is prone to errors and demands a lot of time from your employees when processing it, as they have to decipher it and type it out by hand.

  • But digitization can also help here, because automatic handwriting recognition offers numerous advantages!

Your benefits from automatic handwriting recognition:

Remedy handwriting recognition with automation!

Fewer errors

Automatic handwriting recognition transfers handwriting into printed letters with AI support and ensures correct entry of e.g. account numbers for premium debits

Relieving the burden on employees

Tiresome searching, deciphering and typing is no longer necessary - the clerks can thus spend their time on the actual work in the interest of the customer


The insurer gains efficiency and speed - the costs for claims and benefits management are reduced as a result

Benefit from automatic handwriting recognition!

We would be happy to advise you in a no-obligation meeting on all aspects of automatic handwriting recognition and to assist you in introducing and using the right technologies.

How does automatic handwriting recognition work?

  • PLANET AI's Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) is capable of reading and even understanding a wide range of documents - from ancient handwritten texts to modern typewritten ones.

  • IDA is available for a wide variety of applications, as document classification, search, transcription and more are combined in one complete package. IDA is also very easy to access via clearly defined programming interfaces (API).

  • TIMETOACT GROUP works for handwriting recognition with the award-winning technology of our business partner Planet AI. 

    • We provide the corresponding software licenses and ensure the integration of the handwriting recognition into the business and technical processes of the insurance company.
    • The handwriting recognition works "out of the box". In addition, we support our customers in the further document classification and extraction of specialist data so that it can be processed automatically. 

We have a strong partner at our side that can recognize both handwriting and typescript in a document. This is of course an enormous advantage for insurers to be able to automatically capture and quickly process any type of document.

Frank TrilaTeam Lead Enterprise Content Management TIMETOACT

Procedure for automatic handwriting recognition

The approach and technical infrastructure if you want to automate handwriting recognition can vary from individual to individual. Here is an example of one approach:

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