IT Modernization

IT Modernization

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If a company wants to survive in the digital age, successful IT Modernization is mandatory in order to save costs, increase revenues and efficiency, in other words: to become more agile, faster and more innovative! Especially when your IT system no longer supports your business strategy, action is required. The buzzword IT Modernization covers a whole range of measures - from the development of company-wide digitization strategies, the agile development of qualitatively excellent software, to successful, holistic transformation to the cloud.

No matter what your challenge in the area of IT Modernization may look like: With TIMETOACT GROUP you have a partner at your side who understands your initial situation, identifies the important pain points and finds the best solution for you.


Stagnation due to outdated software

Especially companies with tradition and history are familiar with this situation: software has grown over decades, is functionally extensive, but technologically partly outdated. Experienced developers and users retire, valuable expert knowledge is lost. There is a lack of transparency in process flows, and the development and modification of systems is becoming increasingly complex and error-prone. The company is threatened with technological stagnation and the loss of customers and markets.


We allow your software to become future-proof

We support you in transferring existing software – including business logic, data, user interface, associated developers as well as users – from a historically grown starting basis to a future-proof target system. Generate more revenue thanks to agile IT systems, gain flexibility and speed in redesigning business processes and increase the productivity and satisfaction of your developers and users. 

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IT Modernization is a targeted and highly individual process that moves companies forward. Neither postponing this change until tomorrow nor hoping for a changeover as a big bang in the future is sensible. Finding the right balance in the course of a transformation strategy between continuing to use the existing systems – maybe in a modified form – for as long as possible and, on the other hand, having maximum flexibility for the current challenges and goals is a great art.

Joachim Gucker CEOARS Computer und Consulting


Aging IT slows down corporate success

Companies of all sizes and industries are facing the same major challenge of our time: they need to transform their IT along the entire value chain in order to reduce costs, while sustainably increasing revenues and efficiency, and taking the entire organization with them on the journey of digitization and the flexibility of a hybrid multi-cloud. In short, it's all about the future and performance of the business.

Holistic IT Modernization

We modernize your IT taking the big picture into account

We advise our customers on modernization scenarios and strategies and provide them with comprehensive support. In doing so, we pursue a holistic approach: While choosing the "right" technologies is crucial, it only works within the framework of a well-thought-out architecture. Both must be supported by people and organizations, which is why the further development of methods, processes and the corporate culture is also important.

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