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Meet the growing demands on IT!

With our Managed Services, you no longer have to worry about your IT!

Insurers increasingly want to focus on core topics. Maintaining and operating applications often ties up a lot of resources that are urgently needed elsewhere. Or the corresponding skills are almost completely lacking.

  • It is therefore attractive for insurers to rely on a strong local partner and hand over responsibility for parts of IT operations to trusted companies. These then operate certain applications as managed services and relieve the insurer accordingly.

In connection with these developments, insurers are asking themselves the following questions, among others:
  • How can 24/7 application operation be ensured, even if these service hours cannot be provided by the company's own staff?
  • How can sufficient capacity be flexibly procured for peak loads, e.g., the end-of-year exchange business of automobile insurers, without having to maintain maximum capacity throughout the year?
  • How can new technologies be made available quickly, even if the company lacks the necessary expertise?
  • How can investment costs be avoided and replaced by business-dependent operating costs?

Was ist Managed Service?

Components of the TIMETOACT Managed Service

Managed services enable insurers to concentrate fully on their core business: They outsource the relevant IT areas to an external service provider who performs regular and recurring IT services for them. In this way, you can not only relieve the burden on your own IT, but also save high costs.

Our Managed Service Portfolio

With our Managed Services, we ensure that your applications are supported holistically with a high level of technical expertise. This includes the overall view of infrastructure, licenses, support, applications as well as our flexibility of solution and hosting independence.

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Your advantages at a glance:

Benefit from our managed service and concentrate on your core business!

Flexible capacities

By outsourcing as a managed service, you obtain exactly the service you need, depending on the business in question

Higher quality

Instead of improvisation you rely on recognized standards that meet your defined quality criteria and service level

Lower costs

You do not need to purchase and maintain maximum capacity throughout the year, but purchase services "breathing" to his business and thus avoids unused infrastructure

Technological innovation

You can also quickly obtain the latest IT services via managed services, which use technologies for which your employees do not have the appropriate skills.

Extension of service hours

Through managed services, you can enable service hours that fall outside your employees' core working hours

More success in the core business

You can outsource tasks that are not part of your core business and thus use human and financial resources for central tasks - thus achieving more business growth

Procedure for introducing our managed services:

When using our managed services and support, we go through the following steps together:

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