Bye-bye IBM audit: N-ERGIE bypasses costly license audits with IASP program

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The management of IBM licenses poses challenges for companies - just like the regular threat of IBM audits. For this reason, N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft decided to participate in the IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) program: With TIMETOACT as a cooperation partner, the Nuremberg-based energy supplier avoids the time-consuming license audits during the term of the contract. Within this framework, TIMETOACT guarantees N-ERGIE's compliance, checks to what extent existing licenses can be optimized, and secures the most favorable conditions from IBM.

Initial situation:
  • N-ERGIE is already supported by TIMETOACT in the area of IBM license optimization.
  • Would also like to avoid IBM audits in the future due to high expenses
  • Participation in the IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) program
Added value:
  • Avoidance of IBM audits during contract term
  • TIMETOACT ensures compliance, optimizes existing licenses and secures the most favorable conditions

IBM audits mean high effort and risks for companies

Companies that rely on IBM's extensive software portfolio are confronted with an audit approximately every three to four years. Such an audit always involves a great deal of time and effort, as well as financial risks: For example, the company has to schedule personnel for the preparations at short notice, which is lacking in other areas. In addition, even the most conscientious license management often makes mistakes - because IBM's license metrics are complex and maintaining the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is time-consuming.

N-ERGIE also uses numerous PVU/VPC and other license metrics and has already gained experience with IBM vendor audits. In order to avoid these in the future, the energy supplier decided to participate in the IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) program together with TIMETOACT and a certified auditing company.

TIMETOACT has been supporting us for years with our IBM license management. The decision to implement the IASP program and the resulting waiver of IBM audits were the logical next step in our cooperation.

Jürgen FrankIT, finance and license managementN-ERGIE

Bypass IBM audits with IASP program - and other benefits

By participating in the IASP program, N-ERGIE declares its willingness to IBM to proactively ensure and prove its compliance - together with TIMETOACT as a partner. In return, the energy supplier benefits from the following advantages:

Waiver of IBM audits

For the duration of the IASP program IBM will dispense with the unplanned classic license plausibility checks.

Ensuring compliance

TIMETOACT supports N-ERGIE in complying with IBM's contract IBM's contractual and licensing conditions and and ensure compliance.

License optimization

In addition, the experts examine the use of IBM software in order to optimize it, reduce costs, and plan and to plan license purchases with foresight.

Most favorable conditions

N-ERGIE benefits from a regular true-up True-Up and avoids retroactive payments for software for software subscription and support. Compensation is made at the usual conditions.

TIMETOACT takes over complete support of the IASP program

Not every company with an interest in IASP automatically becomes part of the program - approval by IBM is first required. As an IASP cooperation partner, TIMETOACT submitted the corresponding application together with the auditing company for N-ERGIE. In addition, TIMETOACT as IT service provider took over the support around the program: Starting with the support of N-ERGIE during the data collection, the verification of the data, the clarification of possible queries up to the review and evaluation of the reports. Thanks to an established standard process, the effort on the customer's side was minimized.

  • Monthly review of ILMT agents

  • Quarterly review of all sub-capacity (PVU/VPC)-based products: With the support of TIMETOACT, N-ERGIE classifies and bundles the products in the ILMT. The current usage is compared with the license inventory at IBM.

  • Annual review of all non-PVU based products: In an annual review, TIMETOACT takes a close look at all products that are not covered by the ILMT and transfers all products to a baseline.

Even beyond the regular checks, TIMETOACT is available to the energy supplier at any time to answer questions and identify risk and optimization opportunities.

Conclusion: A successful collaboration

N-ERGIE has already been part of the IASP program since 2021. Looking back, the company is pleased with the decision to have participated:

IASP has been worthwhile for us in any case! I have already participated in two IBM audits in the past and the effort for the program is significantly less. In addition, we benefit greatly from the cooperation with TIMETOACT:

Jürgen FrankIT, finance and license managementN-ERGIE

N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft, Nuremberg, is one of the largest municipal energy suppliers in Germany. It supplies large parts of central Franconia and neighboring areas with electricity and natural gas, as well as the city of Nuremberg with water and district heating. N-ERGIE is committed to the common good and advocates a regional energy turnaround.


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