Proof-of-Value Workshop

Apply for one of our free workshops on Data Integration!

Do you also see digital transformation as one of the central challenges for your company? Then data integration is one of the most important and difficult aspects of the coming years for you. Agile enterprises must ensure that their data reaches the right people, applications and systems in the highest quality – and that it is used for precise, transformative processes.  Apply for one of our workshops and learn all about data integration!

New requirements for data integration solutions

Today's businesses need data integration solutions that offer open, reusable standards and a complete, innovative portfolio of data capabilities that complement a rapidly changing ecosystem. Whether it's populating a data warehouse, providing a real-time system for a real-time dashboard, using cloud services for a data lake, or integrating new APIs and applications into a service-oriented architecture, the tasks are many and varied, and it takes not only the right technology but also the right methodology.

Proof-of-Value Workshop

We look back on a large number of successfully implemented, data-driven projects based on the software technology of our partner Talend and would like to let you participate in the digital success. Therefore: Apply for one of four free workshops!  

We offer you:
  • Insight into the technology (more "what is really behind it")
  • Presentation of proven (data) concepts, architectures and operating models
  • Presentation of selected use cases to other customers
  • Concretization and evaluation of a use case selected by you
  • Documentation with concrete recommendations and next steps
Standardized procedure of the workshop:

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