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Cloud is the blueprint for modern use of IT resources. But traditionally, many insurers have shied away from the cloud. They fear a loss of control or a lack of security for confidential data. But these are all issues that have been solved technically and organizationally. The advantages of a flexible and cost-effective architecture outweigh the disadvantages.

  • We help insurers find their way into the cloud and implement it step by step.

Secure in the cloud – is that even possible?

  • Despite some reservations, cloud use is now an integral part of a modern IT architecture for insurance companies, because the advantages of flexibility, speed and lower costs outweigh the disadvantages. The regulatory requirements are described in the framework of the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and the BaFin guidelines and have meanwhile been solved in many ways, both technically and organizationally. Various workloads of insurers have long since been migrated to cloud infrastructures and are hosted by the major hyperscalers. Technical and organizational measures, quality standards and audit rights ensure flexible and secure use of outsourced IT resources for the benefit of insurers.

Concerns about cloud solutions are still being expressed. These are often superficial and are based more on a traditional "do it yourself" mentality. The security of the major cloud providers is better than that of many an insurance company.

Dr. Matthias QuaisserBusiness Development Lead - InsuranceTIMETOACT

Advantages of cloud for insurers

More and more insurance companies are moving to the cloud. The reasons for this are the numerous advantages of the cloud.


Insurers can quickly provision the IT resources they need at any given time. Capacities for peak loads, such as quarterly reports or the fall business in motor vehicle insurance, do not have to be kept available and paid for throughout the year.


Insurers can use innovative services via modern cloud environments and quickly introduce new products for their end customers. For telematics tariffs or smart home solutions, a wealth of sensor data is needed and analyzed - the skills and resources required are obtained via the digital, cloud-based ecosystem at the moment they are needed.

Cost and performance advantages

Insurance application workloads are flexibly migrated to environments where they can be processed at low cost and where specified performance criteria can be met. New functional requirements can thus be responded to quickly.

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  • Custom development for various cloud stacks:
    We have our own experienced developer resources in Germany. Special competence teams for IBM Cloud, Azure, Google or AWS support you in cloudnative development and migration

  • Establishing your cloud culture:
    Our experienced software experts have both knowledge of today's popular and future-proof technologies and architectures (e.g. microservices, containers and much more) and skills in agile working methods.

  • Cloud consulting:
    We advise you on the options and advantages and disadvantages of the various cloud providers across all manufacturers.

  • Managed Services:
    We operate your applications in various cloud architectures, for some applications 24/7 service from Germany is possible. You realize cost advantages, procure missing skills and get high quality according to service level agreements.

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Matthias QuaisserBusiness Development Lead - Insurance