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IPG Group specializes in the design, integration, operation and training of IAM solutions. The company, founded in Winterthur in 2001, also offers solutions for the comprehensive protection of user data as well as access and access rights in its subsidiaries in Germany and Austria.

Customers include companies from all industries as well as public administration organizations. IPG is the preferred partner for major software manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and employs 93 people.

edcom's service portfolio

Advisory Services

Strategic consulting, functional and technical concepts for sustainable IAM development and IAM operation

Integration Services

Realization of the Identity&Access Management architecture, implementation and rollout of the IAM solution as well as provision of the operational basics.

Operation Services

Operation based on service level agreements. Support or outsourcing of IAM application operation to IPG.

Education Services

Product training as well as courses and training on professional and technical topics in the field of IAM.

The management of IPG

Claudio Fuchs
CEOIPG Information Process Group AGContact

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