Digitalization and optimization in the manufacturing industry

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One focus of our work is the digitalization of manufacturing processes. Manufacturing processes are often still based on routing cards that are read in manually by employees. As a result, medium-sized production companies lack transparency and efficiency in production and logistics planning. The lack of real-time information regarding the status of orders leads to uncertainty and makes it difficult to plan and coordinate workflows efficiently.

Typical problems are
  • High manual effort and paperwork: Many processes are still analog or data is only recorded digitally at a late stage or even several times because there are no interfaces between the systems. This increases the workload and susceptibility to errors.
  • Manual work planning: Work planning is often still done manually, for example in the form of Excel lists. This method is time-consuming and error-prone, as it relies heavily on the diligence and expertise of employees.
  • Lack of order tracking: It is often unclear what stage a particular order is at, whether on the production floor or as part of the overall production process. This lack of clarity makes it difficult to provide accurate information about the completion date and affects the planning of subsequent steps.
  • Unstructured resource planning: The planning of production resources and materials is often based on estimates and the visual assessment of availability. This leads to suboptimal utilization of production capacities and can result in quality problems.

The advantages of a digital production planning and control system

A digital production planning and control system makes it possible to create transparency, optimize production processes and make production planning and logistics more efficient.

To this end, we identify the customer's problems in an initial workshop and develop various solutions open to all technologies, which serve as a decision-making basis for implementation. We provide holistic support in the decisions between individual development and platforms, cloud and on-premise, as well as the connection of existing systems and future further developments and use of the collected data.

The collected data can serve as the basis for many other optimizations. Examples include the recording of KPIs, predictive maintenance, production planning, route planning and production optimization.

Our solution map

Supply Chain

Digitization of the production process

Production optimization


Data analysis and integration

Predictive-Maintenance / - Analysis / -Scoring

Tour planning

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