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License analysis and license consulting

Only well-founded information can serve as a basis for meaningful decisions. We are pleased to offer you an inventory of the licenses.Contact us now

Only well-founded information can serve as a basis for sensible decisions or budgeting.

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We answer your questions about your software licenses:

  • Do you know your current software inventory?
  • Has your software maintenance remained unchanged for years?
  • Do you have an overview of alternative license models?
  • Do you know the license terms that apply to the current version?
  • Do you know what the current regulations are regarding sub-capacity and container licensing?

License history

We will provide you with a detailed license history including all product evolutions and conversions.


Assessment of the license inventory with regard to required minimum licensing, correct conversions and restrictions of deployed editions.


We analyze the license terms for critical changes and compliance risks, if applicable, and develop a target scenario.


We are available to advise you and explain the licensing models in order to meet the compliance requirements of the manufacturers.

License analysis

During the license analysis we examine your current software inventory and the corresponding license history.

All anomalies (e.g. runtimes, different metrics that have been mixed by mistake, quantities that may not match the minimum requirements of the product, product bundles that have not been put together optimally) are processed by us and made available to you in a document.

License consulting

Based on our license analysis, we develop recommendations on how you can optimize your existing software licenses in a way that is compliant.

This can be an extension in the form of trade up or modernization or a complete change of licenses with new product bundles to replace old licenses. Through our extensive product know-how, we can find the best solution for your company from both a licensing and technical perspective. 

License analysis and license consulting for the following vendors:

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A selection of our customer projects

In numerous customer projects we have already implemented individually to software license advised. Read the reference stories here:

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