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Everyone is talking about the beautiful new world of work. But where does New Work actually start? With table football in the lounge? The offer to work from home sometimes? And when is an organization really agile? When it comes to New Work and Agile Organization, we are not interested in achieving utopias, but in real, sustainable change that will advance your business just as much as your employees. For this to succeed, you need a strategy, perseverance and empathy for everyone involved in the change process. Without question, this is a challenge that we are happy to take on together with you! We can provide you with everything you need for real change from a single provider.

New Work

Choose the New Work measures that will really move your company forward!

The coronavirus pandemic in particular - and the resulting need for remote working - has caused many companies to think about new ways of working. An attractive working environment is now a must if qualified employees are to remain with the company in the long term. In addition, modern organizational structures and methods are needed to keep pace with changes in the market and to deliver the best work results in the shortest time possible.

Many companies find it difficult to put New Work into practice. Finding out why this concept doesn't seem to be working is often not so easy in the chaos of everyday business. In addition, many customers want the "big bang" overnight. The fact is, however, that there is no such thing as 100% New Work. Rather, it's about choosing the measures that suit a company and really help it move forward. What often helps is a neutral view from the outside.

  • Together, we put the pieces of the puzzle together and find out where we need to start. We look at which measures are promising - and which should rather be ignored.

Agile Organization

Respond flexibly to changes in the market!

When it comes to New Work, agility is usually a hot topic. In a rapidly changing economy, it is becoming increasingly important to react quickly to changes in the market. Agility is therefore a key characteristic for companies to remain successful in the future.

What is not immediately clear to many is that agile organization is more than Scrum, Kanban & Co. The prerequisite for agile methods to work is an agile mindset within the company. New things need to be tried out, mistakes made and lessons learned - if the corporate culture does not allow this, agile methods will not be successful.

Realistically, it will be months or even years before we see any real change. This is where perseverance is key. The secret is to make small successes on the way to major transformation visible and celebrate them with employees. After all, the change process should not only take effort, but also be fun.

Our services for New Work & Agile Organization

Ideation Workshop

Our joint approach:

In our "Ideation Workshop Change Management", we analyze your current status quo and the goals behind your change together. We then develop initial starting points for effective change management, for example to simplify the introduction of agile working methods in your company.

Your benefit: 

  1. First individual starting points for effective change management specifically for your change
  2. Guidance for identifying internal resistance
  3. Concrete recommendations for action to promote the acceptance of change
  4. Ideas for measures for internal monitoring of the change


Discovery Workshop

Our joint approach:

First, we create a common understanding of agility and the benefits of agile working. Together, we analyze the current structures of your organization and the problem that is to be solved with agile working. Using best practices, we then develop an initial basic concept for the introduction of agility targeted at the identified problem.

Your benefit: 

  1. Agile understanding 
  2. Good practices, concrete use cases and benchmarks for introducing agile work structures and processes
  3. Basic concept for the introduction of iterative work cycles, stand-up meetings, retrospectives and other agile practices
  4. Development of measures to promote acceptance

Discovery Workshop

Our joint approach:

We embark on a journey of discovery through the topic of New Work and explore together where the term comes from, which areas it covers and what benefits the concepts have for the organization. We analyze the maturity level of your organization and how New Work can support your goals. Based on this, we define the first steps towards a new way of working together.

Your benefit: 

  1. Understanding New Work
  2. Initial measures towards a new form of collaboration
  3. Development of measures to involve employees in the process

That's why we believe that you have found the right partner in us!

Our service is:

Do you want to try out new work concepts? Introduce agile methods? Identify the right measures and tools? No matter what your challenge is: with us, you get everything from a single source. The TIMETOACT GROUP combines the expertise of eleven IT companies and can advise you holistically on all aspects of your New Work and Agile Organization strategy.

When it comes to New Work and Agile Organization, no project is like any other. Those who simply replicate what has already worked on other occasions will not get very far here. That's why it's important to us not just to preach agility, but to demonstrate it, roll up our sleeves and tackle your individual challenge together.

Tried and tested
Between us: we didn't just start doing this yesterday. We live our topics, have already supported many companies, made mistakes, created value together. And learned. You benefit from this.

Jan HachenbergerDirector Strategy Consulting

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