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Create room for maneuver for digital innovation! Despite increasingly powerful IT, IT costs are rising steadily in relation to revenue / EBITDA. IT operations are causing more and more costs and the budget for innovations in digital transformation is suffering as a result. Shifting the balance between operations and innovation is a strategic task. CEOs expect to achieve significantly more digital innovations with the existing IT budget. To achieve this goal, an integrated sourcing strategy and professional spend management are required. Compliance management is also necessary to avoid unbudgeted costs.

Sourcing Strategy

Avoid dependencies and uncontrolled expenditure!

Today, the decision to make or buy is often answered with "buy". An IT service is purchased externally and internal resources and competencies are ignored. What is needed here is more transparency about the company's own capabilities and the IT services already in place.

The selection of the right suppliers and service providers also plays an important role in the procurement of hardware, software and IT services on the market. Every wrong decision can cost a lot of money, increase compliance risks and also lead to dependencies in the supply chain that massively restrict your company's room for maneuver.

With a clear sourcing strategy, you define in a binding manner what is to be procured or provided from whom and how. Without a sourcing strategy, you encourage unauthorized procurement outside standardized purchasing processes (so-called maverick buying) and thus not only increase the risk of higher costs, but also of shadow IT, non-compliance and even data protection violations.

  • We help you to remain agile in a dynamic market with many offers and to find the right suppliers and service providers for you.

Spend Management

What do you spend money on in your IT environment? And how much?

Operational blindness, time pressure and actionism are often factors that companies have to contend with when it comes to supplier selection, contract negotiations, service provision and the resulting expenditure. A neutral view from the outside can help to record and evaluate the expenditure incurred for each individual supplier and service provider, identify unnecessary expenditure and define measures to eliminate it. And the savings potential is enormous: Accordingto a recent study, three quarters of all companies lose 10 percent of their IT budget every year due to unnecessary IT expenditure.

  • Our experts have extensive experience in analyzing IT costs and evaluating contracts for the procurement of hardware, software and IT services. This puts us in a position to evaluate your supplier relationships, particularly from an efficiency perspective, and provide you with recommendations for optimizing your contracts.


Manage compliance, recognize ticking time bombs/trap mines!

Contracts in the business world are complex. This applies all the more to contracts in IT, where, in addition to performance parameters, service levels and rights of use, extensive obligations to cooperate are sometimes laid down on several hundred pages. Recognizing the essentials here and ensuring compliance with contractual agreements is a considerable challenge for many companies. Do you know what you have agreed to when using a particular piece of software?

We are very familiar with the contracts of most well-known software and hardware manufacturers and IT service providers. With this knowledge, we can support you in efficiently fulfilling your contractual obligations, identifying and assessing risks arising from contractual non-compliance and behaving correctly in the event of an audit by a supplier.

Our services for your compliance, spend management & sourcing strategy

Discovery Workshop: ITAM & FinOps – Leverage to reduce your license costs and cloud spend

Our joint approach:

Using reference projects from our customer network, we will show you in a master class workshop how ITAM & FinOps help companies to identify potential savings for software licenses and cloud subscriptions using specific examples. By comparing your specific challenges and good practices, we will work with you to develop a suitable target picture for the implementation of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Financial Cloud Management (FinOps).

Your benefit:

  1. Documentation of essential / promising measures for the introduction or further development of ITAM & FinOps
  2. Insights into good practices based on our project experience

Assessment: ITAM & FinOps – Risk assessment and analysis of the maturity level

Our joint approach:

We put your ITAM & FinOps processes through their paces. Using a maturity model developed by us, we evaluate the status of the implementation of measures from your sourcing strategy, review findings from your spend management and compare both with the targets achieved to date for your license and cloud budget.

Your benefit:

  1. Objective ITAM & FinOps maturity assessment at the levels of governance, skills, processes and technologies with concrete recommendations for action for identified deficits
  2. Assessment of the financial risk due to missing or inefficient processes, unclear roles and responsibilities or unsuitable tools for ITAM & FinOps
  3. Concrete optimization suggestions for your ITAM & FinOps

Roadmap Design: ITAM & FinOps – From quick wins to sustainable change

Our joint approach:

Together, we define an ITAM & FinOps roadmap as a strategic guideline according to which the various measures are to be aligned and linked with each other in line with their functional, time and financial dependencies. This helps you to consistently pursue the defined objectives and to better classify the results achieved with ITAM & FinOps in the short, medium and long term.

Your benefit:

  1. Summary of all measures in an implementable ITAM & FinOps roadmap with clearly defined milestones and expected results

Ideation Workshop: Digital Supply Chain – Rethinking

Our joint approach:

Learn more about the importance and benefits of the Digital Supply Chain (DSC), from seamless real-time tracking of goods, inventory and orders to more accurate planning and forecasting of orders and deliveries.

Your benefits:

  1. Specific examples from our customer network as a guide for designing your digital supply chain
  2. Documentation of essential/promising measures for the introduction of a digital supply chain
  3. Initial target image for your digital supply chain

Assessment: Digital Supply Chain – Your supplier management under microscope

Our joint approach:

With our Readiness & Current State Assessment, we determine the degree of implementation of measures from your sourcing strategy, e.g. along key figures such as cost reduction, cost avoidance, total expenditure and - if available - in comparison with empirical values from our projects.

Your benefit:

  1. Objective assessment of the degree of digitalization and general maturity of your supply chain based on the CMMI supplier management approach and in comparison with benchmark data
  2. Evaluation of the fundamental suitability of planned, selected measures for digitizing the supply chain

Roadmap Design: Digital Supply Chain – Big Picture

Our joint approach:

Whatever measures you want to take to realign your supply chain, a roadmap makes it easier to understand your chosen approach and helps to identify potential gaps in your digital supply chain concept.

Your benefit:

  1. Summary of all measures for realigning your supply chain, including their time, technical and financial dependencies, in an actionable digital supply chain roadmap with clearly defined milestones and expected results

Together, we will develop a customized strategy for you.

Our experts will provide you with advice and support and contribute their experience from numerous customer projects. We know the contracts with IT service providers and, based on our good practices, we know where there is room for maneuver and what budget is appropriate.

As part of our large partner program, we work closely with many service providers and can directly influence the contracts. Nevertheless, we are not deadlocked, but always find the right service provider outside of our partner program. 

  • We look forward to working with you to develop an optimal strategy to help you select the right service providers (sourcing), keep costs under control (spend management) and ensure vendor compliance.

Simon PletschacherTeam Lead SAM & ITAM

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