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IT is the driving force behind digital transformation. It provides your company with the technological foundations on which you can drive digital innovation, optimize customer experience and automate your business processes.

Technology Adoption

How much technological debt do you have?

Many companies have a significant innovation backlog in IT - this is known as technology debt. The decision to replace legacy systems is often not made quickly enough from the perspective of management or users. The existing solutions no longer meet the requirements in terms of functionality, processing speed and data processing. Everyone is dissatisfied.

At the same time, many companies lack transparency about their existing IT infrastructure, the technical possibilities and limitations of new technology and its compatibility and interoperability with other IT systems. The resulting credo can be summarized as follows: "Never change a running system." Declining IT budgets also act as a brake on innovation and reinforce reluctance to respond directly to every request for technical innovation. In contrast, the digital transformation is setting new standards in terms of the speed, but also the care with which companies must select and introduce technologies, be it to keep up with the competition or to meet the expectations of customers and employees.

  • Our consulting team consists of technology and innovation expert who can show you the opportunities and risks, benefits and costs of new IT systems so that you can identify the right on-premise or cloud solution for you.

Technology Integration

How close are your aspirations and your reality?

When it comes to integrating new technologies into the existing IT infrastructure, then “time is money”. But in many companies there is a clear gap between aspiration and reality. They want to have the new application available as quickly as possible, preferably the day before yesterday. And despite forward-looking planning, it quickly becomes clear during the course of the project that the installation of the application or the integration of the cloud service can only be implemented with considerable delays due to limited personnel resources.

IT has to solve problems again, not least due to deficits in the legacy systems. Security checks are also necessary before going live and user training still needs to be prepared.

  • With our experience and best practice approaches, we can help you to create the necessary conditions for the rapid integration of new IT systems - whether in the cloud or on premise. Our support includes the creation and review of technical concepts, derivation of project plans, support for proof of concepts and pilots and preparation of training documents. Together with you, we will find suitable ways to both accelerate the implementation and ensure the subsequent regular operation of an IT solution with the lowest possible costs and acceptable risks.

Our services for Technology Adoption & Integration

Assessment: Cloud Readiness

Our joint approach:

Have you decided to move to the cloud, but don't know how yet? There are many decisions to make: 100% cloud? Or are there requirements that call for a hybrid solution? In the Cloud Readiness Workshop, we evaluate the maturity level of your IT landscape and compare it with the strategic goals of cloud introduction. We formulate an initial roadmap for the planned and secure transition to the cloud - including specific tasks and recommendations for action.

Your benefit:

  1. Transparency regarding your company's cloud readiness
  2. Knowledge transfer and good practices
  3. Specific recommendations for preparing a cloud migration
  4. Initial roadmap with prioritized tasks

Assessment: Identifying and evaluating technological debt

Our joint approach:

Companies spend (waste) over 40 percent of their annual IT budget on maintaining legacy systems alone. This not only drains a company's resources, it also massively restricts its ability to innovate. In the workshop, we identify the key IT systems along your value chain and quantify their technological debt based on various parameters, e.g. compliance with current security requirements, operational stability, change backlog.

Your benefit:

  1. Transparency regarding the technological debt of your core systems
  2. Clear orientation for defining an achievable target value for technological debt for your company
  3. Evaluation of the benefits of an improved debt value

Roadmap design: Legacy modernization - "How to"

Our joint approach:

Legacy systems exist for a reason. The solutions have been integrated into more and more business-critical processes over the years, constantly expanded in terms of functionality and extensively networked with other technologies. Introducing a completely new solution or modernizing the legacy system - even if only selectively - without negatively impacting regular operational processes requires good preparation and planning. In our roadmap workshop, our experts will provide you with selected methodological knowledge and good practices, enabling you to derive a suitable roadmap for the modernization of your legacy systems.

Your benefit:

  1. Methodological knowledge and good practices for legacy modernization
  2. Blue print for the preparation and planning of legacy modernization
  3. Exemplary roadmap for the modernization of a legacy system

Assessment: Application rationalization

Our joint approach:

Business applications - whether as an on-premise solution or cloud service - support daily work and enable well-founded decisions in your company. And every application should fully fulfill its defined purpose. Is that really the case? Companies today rely on numerous different applications and quickly lose track of them. In our Application Rationalization workshop, we use various practical examples and good practices to show you how you can optimize investments in your application landscape.

Your benefit:

  1. Identification and deactivation of unused applications
  2. Elimination of applications with redundant functionality
  3. Validation of the value of an application investment
  4. Alignment of the application portfolio with your business objectives

What innovation potential is there in your IT infrastructure?

We work with you to develop your individual IT strategy and help you to exploit the full potential of your IT.

  • Comprehensive support: We offer a complete service that accompanies you from conception to technical implementation to ensure that you receive competent support at every stage of the project.
  • Comprehensive expertise: With a wide range of industry and technical knowledge, we are able to make sound recommendations and offer innovative solutions to ensure the success of your project.
  • Implementation strength: We have an impressive track record of delivering projects. With a wealth of experience, we not only develop concepts, we also implement them.

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