TIMETOACT GROUP becomes patron of the ITAM Forum

As part of the cooperation, TIMETOACT GROUP now also offers companies comprehensive consulting services for IT Asset Management certification ISO/IEC 19770-1

Cologne, 23/02/2023. TIMETOACT GROUP becomes patron of the ITAM Forum. The ITAM Forum is committed to promoting the IT Asset Management (ITAM) sector and profession worldwide and established the ITAM certification program according to ISO/IEC 19770-1. As patron, TIMETOACT GROUP now accompanies customers on their way to certification and thus helps them to develop the quality of their ITAM practices and to officially demonstrate their level of maturity.

The ITAM Forum aims to further strengthen IT Asset Management in companies by promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices. Establishing the new ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification program was a particularly important cause for the ITAM Forum member organizations. As a result, more than 100 experts from 20 countries and more than 30 industries worked in an expert committee to develop a certification scheme, which was finally realized in February 2023.

As a consulting company with many years of experience in ITAM and as official patron of the ITAM Forum, TIMETOACT GROUP now supports their customers also on their way to certification according to ISO/IEC 19770-1 – from the introduction and optimization of ITAM best practices up to the preparations for certification and the support of the audit by an external auditor. In addition TIMETOACT GROUP provides Managed Services for ITAM operations. The ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification offers companies and their ITAM departments numerous advantages: they can prove their own good governance to internal and external stakeholders, take this as basis for better negotiations with software vendors and reduce compliance management costs in the long term.

TIMETOACT GROUP modernizes and integrates IT applications for upper midmarket companies, fortune 500 enterprises and the public sector, with the goal of increasing their agility, efficiency, and transparency. In addition, TIMETOACT GROUP designs and implements digital business models, opening up new market opportunities for its innovative customers. Its services include consulting and cloud transformation as well as data, software and system engineering in the fields of employee experience, business applications, and customer experience.

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The ITAM Forum is a global, not-for-profit membership organization. It aims to turn ITAM into a de facto business practice across and throughout organizations by encouraging more organizations to do ITAM, educating non-ITAM professionals about ITAM and showcasing the impactful business benefits ITAM delivers.

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