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What does open source mean?

Open source means open to the public. In the context of IT, this means that the source code can be publicly seen, used and changed by anyone. Therefore, open source products are usually free of charge. 

The best-known open source solution is the Linux operating system, which has established itself as the operating system of servers. However, the top 5 of the Battery Open Source Software (BOSS) Index also includes software solutions such as NodeJS, Git, Docker and MySQL.

The open source products can be divided into four central areas:

Find out which open source products are used in the areas:

We are here for you.

Do you need support in the use of open source tools? Our developers have years of experience in numerous customer projects and can implement your individual requirements.


We advise you on open source tools in general and which ones are particularly suitable for your application. In doing so, we not only show you the potentials of their use, but also address the risks.


With open source, we can adapt the tool used to your individual requirements and develop it further. Where other tools can reach their limits, you are very flexible with open source.


With our know-how and expertise in open source, we provide holistic support. We provide support during implementation and use, as well as prompt troubleshooting without waiting times.

Open Source - Yes or No?

Economically, open source is always a good solution because it is usually free of charge. The most commonly used licence for open source software is the MIT licence, which tolerates commercial use and further development.

Are you also asking yourself whether you should rely on open source technology? Here we have summarised the advantages and disadvantages for you:


  • No dependence on a single company
  • Use mostly free of charge and no conditions attached
  • Insight into the source code ( prevents unwanted mechanisms like backdoors )
  • Possibility to extend source code
  • Mostly large helpful community
  • High degree of maturity of the application due to constant development


  • No free support from the manufacturer
  • No guarantee for further development
Our conclusion: The advantages of using open source software usually outweigh the risks of such use.

Pimcore als Open Source Software Platform

Pimcore is a free-to-use open source software platform and is already used effectively in many corporate fields. With Pimcore, your classic day-to-day business problems with portals and websites are easily solved as we tailor the platform to your specific business requirements.

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