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Digitization and transparency in transport & logistics is more important than ever!

Logistics and transport is one of the key industries for the German economy. At the latest when "download" is not an option, when the supply chain - the global supply chains - are disrupted, logistics hits the headlines.

Whether transport, warehouse or contract logistics: the tasks in logistics are diverse and require maximum flexibility while constantly balancing costs and performance. Capacities in the form of people and materials are limited, requirements for reliability, punctuality and transparency are increasing and costs cannot be passed on completely to customers. 

  • Digitization and transparency of processes as well as automated support for optimization can help logistics companies better manage the balancing act between costs and performance in order to act as a valuable partner to the economy in the long term. 

Master the requirements!

The requirements in the transport and logistics industry are varied and characterized in particular by the high complexity and interaction of many factors. Technologies help to reduce this complexity and make your processes more efficient.

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Are you also facing these challenges?

  • Many documents are still in paper form, which leads to media discontinuities
  • These media discontinuities prevent a transparent and efficient flow of information from being created
  • Your employees need a lot of manual effort to process various requests
  • This leads to poor and cumbersome service

Intelligent document management

Reduce your manual effort and ensure data exchange without media breaks.

  • AI-supported, automated recognition and processing of textual information makes processing faster and more effective
  • Consistent digitization of all information prevents media breaks
  • All necessary information is provided centrally and virtually

Learn more about document management:

Are you also facing these challenges?

  • Due to the complexity of many factors, your planning is very (time) consuming and imprecise
  • Often the staffing level does not correspond to the demand, which is often also favoured by spontaneous developments
  • Your manual effort in planning in decentralized systems is very high
  • You lack transparency in planning

Effective workforce management

Automate your processes and make them efficient, e.g. for task distribution and absences.

  • Network all relevant influencing factors to plan optimal staff deployment
  • Reduce complexity and create transparency
  • (Partial) automation of planning using mathematical methods facilitates planning processes

Learn more about workforce planning:

Are you also facing these challenges?

  • Many factors determine the route: travel time, capacity of the vehicle, driving and rest times, if applicable, limited delivery times.
  • Complexity of planning: the order of the route influences the load and vice versa 
  • You want to utilize your fleet efficiently while minimizing CO2/fuel/time

Maximum route and load optimization

Take into account all relevant factors and ensure networking and consolidation in the planning context.

  • Benefit from transparency and digital availability of all processes and influencing factors 
  • Use mathematical algorithms to determine the optimal route and loading 

Learn more about tour and warehouse optimization:

Do you also face these challenges?

  • You constantly have to juggle between availability of transport capacity, employees and schedules
  • High cost pressure complicates your work
  • Added to this is high pressure to make decisions at short notice 

Create transparency

Make all information available in a transparent, quality-assured and comprehensible way - and thus make well-founded decisions.

  • Bring your data from all systems (e.g. orders, delivery bills, capacities, vehicle fleet, personnel, digital tacho) into a central data pool.
  • Prepare your data so that it is constantly available for decision making 
  • If necessary, use further mathematical methods, e.g. forecasting, prognosis, optimization, to make decisions (partially) automatically 

Learn more about transparency in the industry:
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We are here for you.

Consulting for logistics and transport companies with interdisciplinary analysis and optimization approaches as the key to success.

We know the challenges...

Digital and transparent data as well as automated and flexible processes within the supply chain are assets more than ever. Responsible parties must be kept up to date on what is happening at all times. Stakeholders and decision-makers must also be able to analyze data quickly at any time in order to respond to changes, challenges and opportunities in today's volatile market.  

... and find the right IT solutions!

Only by analyzing and optimizing data as well as process flows throughout the supply chain is it possible to identify efficiencies and improve productivity.

The insights gained also provide insights into the strengths or weaknesses of various departments, facilities, workflows, and committed inputs/outputs within the supply chain. Thus, solving acute challenges is predominantly about analytically diving into the details comprehensively, finding the problems and dependencies of involved entities, and identifying actionable solutions.  

Holistic consulting

We coach, advise and support you in the planning as well as in the project implementation to suitable solutions.

Years of expertise

We have cross-manufacturer and cross-industry expertise along the entire supply chain. We will be happy to work out possible options for action and recommendations for you in the first step on the basis of a joint inventory or a proof-of-value.

Best practice

Our methodological approach model is mathematical-analytical in nature, equally at ease with support within your strategic 4.0 transformation, as well as dedicated point solution/optimization initiatives.

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