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Today, networking, integration and a digital ecosystem with customers and partners are crucial features of innovative and competitive companies. Only with ongoing data and information exchange silos can be eliminated, communication between departments and stakeholders be improved, and ultimately overall company performance be optimized. In addition, the integration of your processes, applications and data enables you to evaluate information in real time and thus identify business-critical relationships, opportunities and risks.

We have many years of experience in application as well as process and data integration. Our experts develop custom-fit solutions and workflows that are precisely tailored to your system landscape, thereby taking your company one step closer to success.

What is Enterprise Application Integration?

  • Enterprise Application Integration, or EAI for short, is an application platform that enables controlled data exchange between different technical systems of a company. This usually involves business-critical processes of central components such as enterprise applications (EA), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and business intelligence (BI) or data warehouse (DWH).

  • Background:
    It is not uncommon for a company's application landscape to be heterogeneous: Often they consist of standard products, in-house developments, online services and legacy applications for which there are no longer any developers, as well as interfaces to external partners and customers. In the rarest of cases, it is possible or makes sense to implement an interface between every system.

    In order to still enable data exchange between these systems and to implement global processes across applications, a central component is needed that "speaks" to the individual applications (and thus learns the specific language of that system). The existing systems are then figuratively connected to this central component in a star shape.

Central tasks of an EAI system

Create interfaces

Establish technical interfaces to any system of a company

Business processes

The EAI system is capable of mapping business processes across application boundaries

Reduce complexity

Consolidate possible interfaces to keep complexity manageable and change to existing systems small


Output of high-level reporting for better information flow

Process automation and optimization

  • In the context of process optimization, autonomous processes are linked and coordinated with each other, so that interlocking process chains are created.

All areas of the company can be integrated, creating a holistic workflow. The goal of business process management is thus to maximize the agility of a company while reducing costs. The implementation of intelligent workflows creates completely automatic business processes. This reduces the workload of your employees, simplifies data collection and thus saves you valuable time and costs.

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