Advanced Roadmaps

Combine agile development with long-term planning

Advanced Roadmaps

Better overview with an agile roadmap: Atlassian's Advanced Roadmaps app (formerly Portfolio for Jira) extends Jira Software to help combine agile development with long-term planning. Clearly, teams can strategically plan deadlines and goals, track progress, and share with stakeholders.

 Atlassian-App Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira) - Kombination von agiler Entwicklung und langfristiger Planung

Regardless of how many teams and projects are controlled - with Advanced Roadmaps you keep an up-to-date and accurate overview of the progress of the projects at all times. Necessary adjustments can be made without complications and all team members can be kept up to date. The agile roadmap offers many advantages:

Projects remain in view in one central location. You can choose whether you want an overview or a detailed view. Also, forecasts about release dates can be made with Advanced Roadmaps. It can be checked at any time whether release dates can be met.

Teamkapazitäten planen & controllen mit Advanced Roadmaps - der Atlassian-App

Manage team capacity with Advanced Roadmaps

Advanced Roadmaps shows whether teams are overloaded and provides information about the availability of team members. This way, foreseeable bottlenecks can be reduced and team members can be deployed at the right time.

Projektfortschritt controllen - Epics und Storys zur Strategie matchen mit Atlassian-App Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira)

Create and share reports

Graphical reports can be used to track the progress of projects. You can check if the epics and stories fit the strategy and find out if the project goals can be met. Team members are kept up to date by sharing reports with them.

Analysis of different scenarios

Advanced Roadmaps can be used to create different versions of a plan, for example, to show the best and worst scenarios. Different strategic options available to a company can be taken into account.

Mit Advanced Roadmaps verschiedene Versionen von Projektplänen erstellen für verschiedene strategische Optionen

Changed licensing models for Advanced Roadmaps

After Atlassian renamed the App Portfolio for Jira to Advanced Roadmaps in May 2020, there was also a change for the licenses.

  • Users who use Jira Cloud Premium will no longer need a separate license. Advanced Roadmaps is now part of Atlassian's Premium offering.
  • The standard variant of Jira Cloud includes the basic version of Roadmaps. It is included in the offering.
  • Users who use Jira in the server or data center variant can download and license the app as usual via the Atlassian Marketplace.

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