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About Confluence:

Create, organize, and collaborate on tasks - all in a single place. Confluence is a workspace for teams and organizations to store documentation and collaboratively develop and share knowledge. Dynamic pages give your team a place to create, capture, and collaborate in projects or idea development.

Why Confluence from Atlassian?

  • Breaking down team silos 

    An open, networked and barrier-free structure enables the free flow of information between everyone in the organization.

  • Organize everything in one place

    From quarterly planning documents to new meeting blogs, you can create everything on Confluence.

  • From the idea to implementation

    Keep a permanent record of knowledge and ideas. Use chats, comments, and other notification features to keep everyone up to date on developments. All progress and changes are tracked in one place.

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Functions of Confluence

Knowledge base and archive

  • Use search function
  • Create page hierarchy
  • Real-time editing
  • Change history
  • Documentation of all processes
  • Creation of roadmaps

Knowledge exchange

  • Exchange and feedback with chats
  • Comment and voting functions
  • Notification of changes
  • Post global announcements
  • Create your own blogs

Authorization management

  • Approve viewing and editing permissions
  • Define permissions of users, teams and guests
  • Create personal areas


  • Work together on one page
  • Interface with various programs
  • Prepare ready-made forms and templates

Use cases for the application of Confluence

Example 1: Create custom areas for your team.

Use Confluence to create an area for your team to store documentation, track progress, and share knowledge. Confluence allows you to quickly coordinate decisions across your teams and collaborate on solutions. Give others access to your space and involve them in the development process.

Example 2: Knowledge Management

Make your knowledge and know-how more easily accessible to everyone. Create thematically adapted pages with roadmaps, blogs or tables in which you can visually prepare information. Use the comment functions as well as voting options to constantly optimize the quality of the content. Favorites and watcher functions allow the reader to automatically stay informed about updates on marked articles.

Example 3: Extend the capabilities and integrate third-party software.

Make Confluence the central interface where you can collect, share, and archive information from a wide variety of sources. You can have it interact not only with Atlassian products, but also with third-party vendors. For this, you can find applications from a wide variety of vendors in the Atlassian Marketplace. Confluence thus gives you the possibility, for example, to integrate content from Google Drive, to create diagrams for better presentation or to offer entire times in predefined templates for everyone to download.

Combine Confluence with Jira Software


Benefit from the synergy of the two programs. Use Confluence pages to consult with the team and simply create the tasks in Jira Software on the page. The linking allows you to easily track progress and go directly to the collusion with the team when needed.

Our services for Confluence

We help you deploy Confluence as a central solution for your documentation, knowledge base and archiving. Let us advise you on how you can use Confluence as one element of an Enterprise Service Management Solution. We will also show you how we use the program to optimize your Digital Workplace. Benefit from our years of experience in implementing Confluence in complex system landscapes and use our proven solutions for a wide variety of use cases.

Digital Workplace

We help you implement your Digital Workplace so you can collaborate digitally together, anytime, from anywhere.

Enterprise Service Management

We will show you how to integrate Confluence as a knowledge base into your Enterprise Service Management solution.

Identity Management

We are happy to advise you on the implementation of identity management. Benefit from our process models, which we have developed and optimized over the years.

Managed Service

Use our know-how for yourself. We would be happy to provide you with our experienced Managed Service Team or operate your Digital Workplace.

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