Atlassian Data Center

Compensate for enterprise hardware downtime

Keeping an eye on individual company requirements with an Atlassian Data Center

The "Data Center" deployment option compensates for hardware downtimes in companies. This ensures that users can access important applications at all times. An Atlassian Data Center solution, hosted in the company's own data center, is designed for high availability, performance scaling and instant scaling.

Atlassian tools are used worldwide and have become enormously important for teams of different sizes. Downtime must therefore be avoided. Atlassian Data Center solutions ensure 24/7 access to the following Atlassian tools, without compromising performance:

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High availability

Active/Active Clustering

Clustering multiple active servers can ensure that users have uninterrupted access to critical applications in the event of an unexpected hardware failure.

Load balancing

Hardware or software load balancing technologies can be exploited to distribute the load intelligently across a data center cluster.


To minimize individual vulnerabilities, data center implementations can be integrated with standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems.

Performance scaling

Performance-Skalierung - mittels Nodes im Atlassian Data Center-Cluster die Data Center Kapazitäten steuern

Capacity for simultaneous users

Each node in a data center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users without compromising performance.

Application resistance

By increasing the application throughput, performance losses during peak loads can be avoided.

Highest service quality

Automated tasks can be assigned to fixed nodes to ensure the highest possible service quality for critical teams in the company.

Easy deployment

New nodes are added to a cluster without downtime. Existing nodes automatically synchronize indices and apps with each new member.

"Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) calculation

In addition to the purely technical advantages, the use of Atlassian Data Center products also results in a clear business advantage if the possible downtime costs and productivity gains are also considered commercially. For this purpose, catworkx has developed a TCO Calculator, with which comparisons between the use of server products and data center solutions can be made with the help of company-specific key figures such as the degree of utilization or the full cost rate of employees.

Calculable costs

Atlassian Data Center Deployment is licensed by the number of users, not the number of servers or CPUs, so you can scale your environment without additional licensing costs.

Fast reindexing

Atlassian applications can be quickly reindexed without blocking the system. This ensures that users achieve maximum uptime.


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