AUTOPILOT Economy Class

The basic version of our AUTOPILOT. Your Google Workspace settings are initially analyzed and adjusted if necessary, so that they are optimally tailored for you.
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Welcome aboard,

of the flight CLOUDPILOTS AUTOPILOT. We are ready for take-off into the Cloud! But first, let's make sure all your settings in Google Workspace are correct to get the most out of the flight!


The flight into the Cloud can be complicated for untrained personnel. Small mistakes happen, but they have to be corrected as quickly as possible. With AUTOPILOT we handle your incidents on a fair-use basis.


Before we start, we analyze the customer's settings in Google Workspace and adjust them if necessary. This way, you get the most out of the Cloud experience and increase security and productivity in your team at the same time!

Optionally, the following services and applications can be ordered in addition to AUTOPILOT Economy.

Security Assessment

The Security Assessment for your administrators is designed to show them how to react in an emergency. In combination with the initial analysis of your settings, you are on the safe side.

Advanced Admin

The add-on for Google Workspace, specially developed by CLOUDPILOTS, makes management easier for your administrators. Users get features like mail migration, signature rollout, data transfer and more.

MeisterTask & MindMeister

Meister's products are designed to find creative ideas for projects and ultimately execute them clearly and efficiently. With the codeword 'cloudpilots' you get 10% discount on the first 12 months.

First ClassThe luxury version of flying. You have never flown so comfortably!First Class
Business ClassInto the Cloud with style. Reserve your seats now!Business Class