Agile IT culture and a new mindset

Technology is nothing without the human factor

Technological transformation and ideas for new business models can only reach their full potential when they come hand in hand with a cultural transformation. Culture cannot be prescribed by employers. What it takes is action and interaction from many people. The transformation requires active support.

The new digital transformation paradigm requires new ways of thinking and acting

Contemporary IT landscapes face constant change. Customer wishes change regularly, and so do the tools and technologies used. The digital landscape is significantly influenced by the factors of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Engaging with these new rules of the game requires everyone involved to embrace new frameworks, solutions and ways of thinking.

Value stream orientation and agility

There are many challenges to overcome when providing customers and partners with services via various touchpoints and channels. Product teams must align more closely with customer wishes, continually embracing new functional and technological frameworks. This brings a high level of complexity. Overcoming these challenges requires new models of interaction and collaborative solutions.

In many situations, we’ve helped our customers develop new solutions that improve business agility while ensuring that the value of services keeps increasing.

DevOps cultural transformation

The requirements of an IT world increasingly focused on value streams create new challenges for teams in development, operation, IT security, architecture and other cross-functions. When the goal is to decrease delivery time while maintaining product quality, the factors of collaboration, shared values and standards, use of technology and organisational culture play an essential role  Our staff provide a range of measures to support both cross-topic functions and product teams through the cultural transformation.

We will give your DevOps initiative a boost!

Our staff can support your organisation’s cultural transformation by focusing on the following:
Change management

Cultural transformation needs to be supported and guided in many ways:

  • Vision and goal-setting
  • Strategy process
  • Planning of skill-development measures
  • Building of communities
  • Documentation and guidelines
  • Process optimisation
  • Realignment of structures
  • Realignment of cross-functional roles
DevOps seminars

In our experience, it’s best to start by explaining the value and significance of cultural transformation to different target groups. We have ready-to-go seminar modules focusing on various topics for the following target groups:

  • Non-technical managers
  • IT managers
  • Platform teams
  • Development and operation teams
Technology strategy

The cultural focus on value streams, agility and autonomy often creates a need for new tools, platforms and self-services. Our staff bring these two worlds together. They identify and introduce supporting tools at a pace that suits your organisation’s learning speed (e.g., in the context of DevOps, CI/CD or ALM).