Dolphin Technologies

With their application, Dolphin Technologies brings drivers and insurance companies closer together. We support with the infrastructure on Google Cloud.
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Challenge & Solution

Dolphin Technologies, as an insurance expert, supports with microservices architecture on Google Kubernetes Engine, optimal uptime, granular billing and next generation services for insurers and drivers. With higher usage and the need to find a rapidly scalable solution, they were looking for suitable solutions. Google Cloud helps secure the operation of the application, scales quickly without compromising data security, and enables real-time analytics.

About Dolphin

Dolphin Technologies provide telematics solutions for insurance companies. The company designs, develops, implements and operates scalable platforms, products and services in the areas of telematics, mobility and marketing automation. The Austrian company was founded in 2001 and has received national and international awards for its innovative strength.

Dolphin Technologies Video


Dolphin Technologies' video gives customers a nice summary of the idea and implementation of their application. Every day too many people die in car accidents. The reason for fatal accidents is usually an inattentive driver. Dolphin's application rewards drivers who put their phone aside behind the wheel and supports safe driving.

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