Google Cloud Platform

Using Google Cloud Platform, apps, websites and services are built, deployed and scaled on the same infrastructure as Google.
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Looker BI
More than business intelligence - the user-friendly visualizations and in-depth analyses of business processes, make Looker the go-to product for many large companies.
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Google Cloud VMware Engine
Go to the Cloud with Google Cloud VMware Engine. it makes migrating applications running on VMware easy!
VMware Engine

Google Cloud Platform - for all your needs 

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) means trustworthy, reliable infrastructure, better and faster insights, plus easy-to-use tools for AI and ML. 

GCP saves you expensive investments in your own infrastructure. You no longer have to actively manage operations, and in Google CLoud you won´t  need to compromise on quality or performance, In fact, the opposite is true: the powerful Google Cloud Platform offers new options that would be difficult to achieve with an on-promise solution. 

Google Cloud Platform - Application
Google Cloud Platform - Application

Workload on Google Cloud Platform 

Developing Cloud-native applications and setting up new data warehouses is no problem with Google Cloud Platform. #DigitalToday, and that applies to outdated work processess, too. Benefit from heightened security, enhanced scalability and clos to zero downtime. 
Goolge is your partner in the cloud, excelling with speedy innovation and top-level reliabilty. 
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On-premises migration into Google Cloud 

Google Cloud ofers your company a new kind of flexibility. Unexpected peaks in the use of your applications will no longer be an issue. What really sets Google Cloud Platform apart is its high level of scalabilty. In Google Cloud, you can support simple backups and restore important company information. 
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Modernisation on Google Cloud Platform 

The digital transformation of traditional technologies enables your team leads to make data-driven decisions that really make sense.
Artificiö intelligence and machine learning in Google Cloud allow you to collect and analyse critical business data. 
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Google Cloud gives you open and flexible technology. Its opensource software and open APIs allow companies to innovate faster for their customers. 


Benefit from the secure-by-design infrstructure, from built-in protection mechanisms and the gloabl network that even Google itself is using to protect itself and others from attack. 


Google Cloud is the only large provider running on a completely private network. Google is the most reliable cloud service, with 99.5% availability and no fixed downtimes. 

Free GCP Infrastructure Assessment

We work with you to analyse your existing IT and show you tailored cloud alternatives. The assessment does not involve any extra costs for customers. As a part of the assessment, we´ll analyse cost differences, the optimisation potential of your cloud strategy and more. 

CLOUDPILOTS ExpertiseGoogle has an incredible range of products, and these are the services and applications that CLOUDPILOTS specialises in:

CLOUDPILOTS and Google Cloud

CLOUDPILOTS is a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Our experts advise and accompany you in the Cloud.


A partner for all of your questions: CLOUDPILOTS evaluates and deploys suitable clous services: When our experts advise you we consider it a partnership of equals. 


You´ll rarely find a standard solution to complex challenges. Our experts analyse your situation and present tailored solutions. 


CLOUDPILOTS customers benefit from working with one of the most experienced Google Partners in the German-speaking region. Hundreds of migrations for international firms - the figures speak for themselves. 


By networking with GCP infrastructure, companies investing in the Cloud are positioning themselves for the future.


Big Data offers rapid, comprehensive answers. Your production of goods becomes more complex, more profitable and faster.


From prototyping to production to distribution, you'll leverage the capacity and power of the Cloud at every stage.

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