With the integration Microsoft 365 for Jira of yasoon you can add Jira to your Office tools and harness the power of Microsoft Outlook, Teams and To Do in Jira – altogether for seamless teamwork. Include all your colleagues and get your daily tasks done effortlessly.

Benefit from Microsoft 365 for Jira!

Regardless of cross-tool communication, teams can work smoothly together but stay in their preferred tool infrastructure. The integration deeply connects Microsoft tools with Jira, providing IT, service, and business teams with several benefits:

  • Optimal teamwork: Involve all your team members no matter in which tool they work. One app – one well-assorted toolbox.
  • Quick communication: Reduce cognitive load and improve response time with cross-tool communication in real-time.
  • Clear documentation: Enhance transparency and make information accessible for everyone. Link Outlook emails and Microsoft Teams discussions to Jira issues.

A whole new level of integration. Thumbs up!

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Power-up your Jira issue with Outlook and Teams


Add the functionality of Microsoft 365 to your Jira issue: Work with issue-related Outlook emails, start a Microsoft Teams chat or channel conversation or easily schedule a meeting.

Use Jira features in your Microsoft 365 tools

Access all relevant Jira features with add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Teams. Create new issues from emails or Microsoft Teams conversations – and access Jira issue information in your Office tools.

Speed-up ticketing in Jira Service Management

Bundle incoming tickets from Outlook or Microsoft Teams in Jira. Schedule meetings with your customers or open a Teams chat within the issue.

Get to know possible use cases:

Use Case 1: Project Management

Discover how to manage IT projects smoothly and fully integrated. Structure your daily workflows smarter with Microsoft 365 for Jira. 

This demo shows you how Microsoft 365 for Jira deeply connects Jira with Microsoft Teams, Outlook and To Do – and how teams use it in project management and their daily work (video shows features based on a Jira Cloud subscription).


Use Case 2: Jira Service Management

Speed up your ITSM processes. Fully integrated, quick, transparent. Work smarter together with Microsoft 365 for Jira.

This demo shows you how Microsoft 365 for Jira helps you to accelerate your IT support. By adding Microsoft Teams and Outlook to your workflows, you can resolve tickets more efficiently and document all communication in your Jira issues (video shows features based on a Jira Service Management Cloud subscription).


Features of Microsoft 365 for Jira:

Microsoft 365 for Jira provides you with a broad selection of features, which can be activated based on your requirements. Top features are:

Work in your Jira issue

  • Emails: See email content in the issue
  • Teams: Start a chat or channel conversation, see all discussions in the issue
  • Meetings: See meeting availabilities and schedule an Outlook or Teams meeting


Work in Microsoft Outlook (with add-in)


  • Create new Jira issues from emails
  • See related issues to emails

Work in Microsoft Teams (with app)


  • Search, share and discuss Jira issues
  • Create a new Jira issue based on channel conversation
  • Join issue-related conversations without needing a Jira user

About yasoon:

At yasoon we believe in bridging gaps – between programs and people. That’s why we create smart apps that connect existing software in clever ways instead of developing stand-alone programs. Our in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft and Atlassian worlds enables us to offer companies solid solutions that simplify their digital workflows and help them work smarter together.


More than 4.000 customers trust in yasoon to make their digital work smarter. For nearly 10 years, yasoon is making award-winning apps that connect Jira with Microsoft 365 products.

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