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The free VMware Assessment from CLOUDPILOTS, Google Cloud and Intel helps attendees make data-based decisions in the shortest time possible. This does not only save organizations money, but also optimizes data center efficiency.
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Besides clear boundaries, the physical IT infrastructure also has quite difficult pain points. In addition to the cost of procurement, these include factual items such as power supply, air conditioning, fire protection, but also backups, bandwidths and general IT security. With a Cloud solution, these points are simply clarified by transferring the corresponding responsibility. Purely by virtue of its size, a Cloud service offers possibilities in the background that would simply not be financially viable with an on-prem solution.

The free VMware Assessment from CLOUDPILOTS, Google Cloud and Intel helps participants make data-based decisions in the shortest time possible. This does not only save companies money, but also optimizes data center efficiency. With its unique software-as-a-service approach, CloudPhysics does the heavy lifting for you.

Participants in the assessment work with CLOUDPILOTS to shape the collected data into a meaningful solution. In just a few minutes, you receive the first data for the analysis of your infrastructure.

The Process

Data Collection

Once deployed, Observer permanently collects metadata generated by your systems and then sends it to CloudPhysics' platform for processing.

Data Merge

Once the Observer is set up, all metadata is merged to collect all important data in one central location. 


A few minutes later, the analysis can begin. Filters are set, thresholds are defined, all data is merged in Google Sheets and the results are shared with the team.

The Goal

Participants of the assessment meanwhile develop a clear overview and a good understanding of the existing operating costs of on-premise, AWS and Google Cloud. In the process, costs can be juxtaposed and compared. A transparent view of potential costs is important to make a considered decision.

Discover Potential

Identifies untapped data center potential in your infrastructure. Optimizing resources saves time and money.

Dynamic Applications and Cluster

We analyze and estimate costs of dynamic applications and clusters in any instance in GCP without you needing to make a commitment.

Cost & performance comparison

We will compare the respective services and the associated costs of GCP and On-Prem or AWS. This way, participants can see for themselves what is best.

Fast, easy & intuitive

The entire process of setting up CloudPhysics - downloading, installing and integrating - is usually done in less than ten minutes. The time to get the first insights is 15-20 minutes. This is the time it takes for the initial data payload to be fully processed through the analytics pipeline and ready to be viewed.

Always-on Analytics

CloudPhysics provides continuous infrastructure analytics through unique and granular data collection and Data Science applications. Unprecedented derivations, correlations, mashups and filters of data, unleash optimization potential and enable us to collectively perform transformational simulations. Through continuous "learning", the platform can algorithmically perform deep insights and trend analysis.

Targeted assessments

Tailored assessments allow IT professionals and solution providers to evaluate Data Center transformations together via simulations. The assessment can be either very generic, for companies that do not know exactly what projects they would face in Cloud transformation, or very specific, for companies that know exactly what they need.

Configurable Dashboards

The dashboards provide a context-rich and visually appealing interface to read hot spots, trends and risks. Together with the experts from CLOUDPILOTS, the most important information is compiled here for you to make decisions about migrations.

Exploration Mode

In Exploration Mode, changes that occur over time can be interactively explored and analyzed. By zooming in and out of time bars, you can easily identify correlations and causalities.  

Card Library

CloudPhysics is characterized by a comprehensive and ever-growing set of focused analytics called Cards. These can be used to analyze key information from your own data centers. Operational threats, advanced health checks, performance difficulties, infrastructure optimization and space saving opportunities can be identified. 

Save up to 50% of the costs
by optimally tailoring your VMs to the needs of your resources.

Save up to 80% time,
by having your Hybrid Cloud readiness assessed. This way it takes a few minutes, not weeks.

15 minutes to make the right decision,
by making an appointment today. Contact one of our representatives and we'll get started together tomorrow!

The workload for each resource monitored by vCenter is streamed from the Observer to the CloudPhysics Big Data cluster - IP addresses are stripped from Observer and metadata is encrypted and distributed across multiple CloudPhysics clusters at all times. After the data collection is completed for analysis, you receive an evaluation of the data, which you critically review with our experts.

CloudPhysics uses APIs to match metadata with pricing and instance data from Google Cloud Platform, Knowledgebase articles, and compatibility lists from hardware vendors (e.g. Cisco, Dell, HP, and more). The service also includes addressing patch management and alerts from VMware, Microsoft and other software vendors.

As long as Observer is running, it continues to send metadata that can be analyzed retroactively. We therefore recommend leaving it enabled after the joint assessment to get immediate answers to questions that may arise in the future.

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