Digital opportunities in the health sector

Together we master the challenges in the health sector. We accompany you on your way and show you possible courses of action and solutions.Get in touch with us

Challenges in the health sector

The health care system is not only confronted with financial and structural challenges, but above all, concrete data protection requirements are of central importance. We show you how to master these challenges.

IT and digitalisation are too often seen in Germany as pure cost drivers, without taking into account the revenue opportunities, potentials and benefits for the healthcare sector. We know the challenges in the healthcare sector and help you find the best IT solutions. We will be happy to advise you on your options, show you potentials and options for action and accompany you during implementation. 


We offer you an unbiased examination of your current situation. From this current situation, we work together to develop possible target scenarios and find the appropriate technology.


We not only show you possible courses of action, but also accompany you during implementation: we are there for you from technology selection to implementation and operation.

These and other customers already trust us:

Customers consistently confirm to us possible optimisation potentials in the double-digit percentage range on the basis of time and monetary key figures. 

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Your advantages in the healthcare sector:

Use the potential of digitalisation and optimise your processes with our analytics approaches.

Reduce planning uncertainties in liquidity management!

  • Analyses and forecasts:
    Maintaining business and hospital operations through meaningful analyses and forecasts by networking and providing all relevant and necessary information.

  • Strategic planning:
    Use of automated analysis functions and presentation of results on the basis of meaningful key figures.

  • Operational decisions:
    Comprehensive ad-hoc analyses for faster operational planning

Make your billing process faster and more efficient!

  • Information provision:
    Support for the analytical provision of information within planning, forecasting and simulation processes.

  • Process optimisation:
    Targeted support options, forecasting functions and optimisation proposals for MDK audits 

Increase the transparency of results and the quality of decisions!

  • Digital decision support:
    Analysis of data in real time to identify correlations 

  • Increased data quality:
    Central data management and parallel access to data where and when it is needed

Take more time for the important tasks!

  • Process optimisation:
    Holistic treatment processes through comprehensive data integration in a target system

  • Avoidance of redundant work steps:
    Technology-supported documentation and data management for smooth information exchange 

Together we can master your challenges!

Liquidity management

Controlling, planning and managing internal processes play a central role in a hospital's liquidity. Digital media discontinuities within the billing process in particular still too often complicate and delay the billing of services.

Liquiditätsmanagement im Gesundheitswesen

Analytics approaches to predict and manage processes:

Our analytics approach to predict and control billing processes in a timely manner can help accelerate liquidation and optimise processes in conjunction with your hospital information systems. For example, MDK audits can be avoided or supported through targeted forecasting and optimisation.

These technologies are suitable for liquidity management:

Decision support

Optimal decision-making is far too often hampered by superfluous documentation efforts and inferior data management. This impairs process efficiency and has a significant impact on the quality of treatment and care in hospitals.

Entscheidungsunterstützung im Gesundheitswesen

Analytics approaches to forecasting and decision-making:

Our analytics approach helps you to identify correlations in patient data and analyse them in real time. The technology thus offers you the possibility to retrieve all relevant data automatically in processed form. A key advantage is that critical patient data within your hospital information systems can be visualised in a dashboard and you can make informed decisions and react at an early stage.

These technologies are suitable for decision support:

Networking & compatibility

Within the same hospital, several IT systems from different providers are often operated with partly limited interoperability and standardisation. The fragmentation of medical services prevents holistic treatment processes and hinders the creation of a functioning value chain/integrated care.

Vernetzung & Kompatibilität im Gesundheitswesen

Analytics approaches to bring data together:

Our data integration approaches help you merge your data from numerous systems into one target system. Whether batch processing, real-time, or organised as a data hub, this lets you say goodbye to fragmentation and data silos and gain complete access to the use of all data.

These technologies are suitable for networking & compatibility:

Central data management

In hospitals, a lot of information must be accessible and expandable at many stations. A lack of process standardisation and decentralised data storage lead to media discontinuities and make parallel access by all responsible persons, independent of time and place, almost impossible. Moreover, data entered by hand considerably reduces data quality.

Zentrale Datenverwaltung im Gesundheitswesen

Analytics approaches for intelligent document and data management:

An intelligent search and text analysis platform based on AI offers the possibility to digitally archive, process and retrieve data. Through further services, the platform can be used as a basis for cognitive assistants or as a knowledge hub. Smooth and digitised document management ensures access to high-quality data where and when it is needed.

These technologies are suitable for central data management:

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