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IT security – protection against cyber attacks

IT security is becoming more and more important. We help organizations to implement appropriate and effective security structures, processes and controls.Get in touch with us

Make effective risk management with IT security frameworks

Vulnerabilities in IT easily become a gateway for hackers. And the digitalization of business processes and stronger technical networking with customers and suppliers ultimately increase the organization's attack surface. To keep pace with these developments and derive suitable protective measures, methodical standards are needed, e.g. ISO/IEC 2700X.

We are your partner for deriving, implementing and testing an IT security framework.

We answer your questions:
  • What IT security strategy does an organization pursue?
  • Which standards and norms does the company/agency follow when deriving measures to improve cybersecurity?
  • How effective are controls already in place? Which controls are still missing?
  • Which roles are defined in the area of IT security and which binding documents regulate their cooperation?
  • Which technical solutions are used to detect and prevent digital attacks?

We support the selection and implementation of an IT security framework

As external IT auditors, we have helped numerous organizations audit their IT infrastructure, assess identified organizational and technical vulnerabilities, and derive and implement holistic cybersecurity frameworks.

Cybersecurity Framework Design

We put your IT security program through its paces, uncover deficiencies and derive a cybersecurity framework that is right for you.

Cybersecurity Framework Implementation

With the necessary implementation expertise, we accompany customers holistically in the introduction of a cybersecurity framework.

Cybersecurity Audit

"Trust is good, control is better." We audit the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls and derive measures for optimization.

End Of Life Monitoring

Systems that are no longer supported by the vendor are a risk. We capture EOL systems and derive appropriate protective measures.

Seal of ISO 27001 certification


We are ISO certified:

TIMETOACT Software & Consulting GmbH has successfully implemented an ISMS and received ISO 27001 certification. With our ISMS, TIMETOACT creates a high level of IT security according to international standards and thus officially stands for information security.

Benefit from a professional IT Security:

Risk Management

Security usually costs money and increases complexity, e.g. through additional coordination and necessary approvals or technical test steps and continuous monitoring. In order to avoid bad investments in IT security and to be able to derive tailored solutions for defense against cyber-attacks, it is necessary to determine the company's protection needs in addition to the threat analysis. Active risk management is the key to maximum security at minimum cost.

Vulnerability analysis

IT Security Vulnerability Analysis is an analysis to identify vulnerabilities within IT. During the vulnerability analysis we use different techniques to check the security. Depending on the scope and scale, either detailed analyses of the architecture and / or penetration tests take place. With the vulnerability analysis, you receive a full and comprehensive report that identifies the areas where cybersecurity improvements are required.

Better Practices

IT security frameworks provide a basic set of rules, guidelines and controls and can serve as a guideline when defining an IT security strategy and the subsequent derivation and implementation of concrete measures. Well-known IT security frameworks are ISO/IEC 2700X, NIST Cyber Security Framework, NIST SP 800-53 or ITSG-33 Risk Management Framework, GDPR or DSGVO. Although developed as universally applicable better practices, frameworks usually need to be tailored to industry-specific and regional needs.

Effectiveness control

There is nothing good unless: you do it. No matter what governance, processes, and tools are ultimately put in place with the goal of improving a company's/agency's IT security resilience: It is critical that everyone complies, tools run flawlessly, and appropriate countermeasures are initiated in the event of a threat or cyberattack. A regular effectiveness review of the implemented controls is recommended.

What is IT security?

IT security includes organizational and technical protective measures to protect IT (computers, mobile devices, server systems, software, data, networks, data centers) against cyber attacks. Identifying the appropriate measures in each case and implementing them effectively is a Herculean task. Cybersecurity frameworks offer orientation in all this complexity. These are a set of published rules and better practices designed to strengthen the resilience of enterprises and government agencies against cyberattacks.

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What is an Information Security Management System (ISMS)?

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is an overview of the company's methods, guidelines and rules. This overview helps the security experts to reduce the risks for the company. An information security management system is already mandatory for critical infrastructures, but companies from other sectors are now also adapting to the increased risk of cyberattacks.

The ISMS clearly defines responsibilities and tasks as well as how to deal with risks. It thus provides companies with a guideline for cybersecurity. 

We can help you implement an effective and efficient ISMS through our experience. 

Our approach

With these steps we support you in the implementation of IT security:

Step 1: Recording the status quo
  • Recording of the existing IT security strategy
  • Review of the suitability of the implemented IT security framework for achieving the strategic objectives
Step 2: Development of a comprehensive framework
Step 3: Realization and implementation
Step 4: Regularly test the effectiveness of IT security controls:

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