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We modernize and integrate IT applications for upper midsize companies, corporations and public institutions to increase their agility, efficiency and transparency and to reduce costs and risks. For innovative customers, we also design and implement digital business models that open up new market opportunities. We network our own expertise with partners and leading manufacturers to develop custom-fit solutions for customers.

The members of TIMETOACT GROUP are looking for experienced colleagues to join their Teams. We are offering exciting projects with state-of-the-art solutions for international customers. 

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In 1992, almost 30 years ago, ARS was founded. Three computer science students from Munich, who were friends, got together to revolutionize the world of IT. The owner-managed company is now one of the leading companies in the field of software engineering.

ARS accompany companies in their transformation towards a modern IT organization in order to extend the agility demanded from all sides from the business department to development and operations across the board with new ways of working, a new culture and new ways of thinking. The DevOps culture and way of working should make technical and organizational silos and boundaries permeable and the relevant information available for value creation. Teams acquire broad knowledge, constantly improving through perspective on the whole processes and feedback from all stakeholders. We help our clients iterate to create a DevOps culture tailored to their own conditions.

Our mission of high quality consulting and successful projects for agile development of excellent quality software: The Art of Software Engineering.

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catworkx is one of the largest Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partners in the DACH region, with locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and is specializes 100 percent in Atlassian solutions .

catworkx encourages and challenge our employees: this means we invest in further training, encourage independence and give tasks in which we can grow. catworkx encourages people to question our processes and products and to voice (appropriate) criticism. An open exchange of opinions is desired and encouraged. From the very beginning, every employee has the opportunity to contribute his or her own ideas and to implement them on his or her own responsibility. People with initiative meet with openness and trust. With this security behind us and the willingness to try something new, we can act for the long term, respond to current market needs at an early stage and master challenges.

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For more than 20 years, the IPG Group has been a pioneer and expert in the field of Identity and Governance Management. Renowned customers from various industries as well as public administrative bodies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria rely on the service and expertise of IPG to ensure comprehensive protection of user data and access rights.

We often "operate" on the client's open heart and almost always see sensitive or particularly sensitive personal data in the course of our work. We are not looking for technology specialists, but rather technical generalists who want to learn IAM tools.

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At novaCapta GmbH, around 230 creative minds have been successfully designing the digital workplace for our renowned customers from the medium-sized and enterprise segment for many years. At a total of 10 locations in Germany and Switzerland, we work on and implement exciting IT projects, innovative intranets, portals and business intelligence solutions as well as individual productive workplace solutions. Every single one of us is a specialist and together we are a strong team that pursues our common goals with a lot of ambition, motivation and enthusiasm.

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Founded in 1991, PKS offers services for business-critical custom software, especially on IBM Power i (AS/400) and IBM Z (mainframe), which have played a pivotal role in the success of many companies. But now there are key decisions to be made, due to generational transition, cloud transformation and other business needs. And that’s exactly where PKS can help.

Regardless of whether your systems need modernizing or replacing – or even if that’s just the decision you need to make – work with us, and you’ll find the best approach to take. We’ll help you make it happen, with clear communications and a can-do attitude.

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X-INTEGRATE supports you in the development of new business opportunities through optimized, automated and integrated processes.

X-INTEGRATE helps digitizing companies optimize their business processes through automation and support new business models with innovative technology by integrating heterogeneous data sets and applications, analyzing business processes with process methods and automating them with technical workflows, and preparing or automating business decisions using data science. 

When using innovative technologies for business process optimization, X-INTEGRATE combines expertise in process management and automation, decision analytics and down-to-earth IT integration.

X-INTEGRATE designs, implement and operate solutions to enable optimized, process-oriented communication and control between heterogeneous systems along the value chain - as a starting point or already as part of your digitization strategy.


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