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What is IT Service Monitoring?

With IT service monitoring, you can uniformly monitor the IT-supported services in your company. You have an overview of the current status of the services at all times, quickly identify the cause in the event of disruptions and thus remain able to act.

If there are several faults at the same time, you can prioritise the faults with the greatest impact. IT service monitoring also helps you to minimise the payment of contractual penalties due to service failures. In the case of planned maintenance, you already know how the measure will affect your services before they shut down components. Furthermore, it is possible to make statements about the availability of individual services over longer periods of time - months or years.

We answer your questions:
  • Monitoring IT infrastructure: How do I manage to monitor my IT infrastructure (systems, applications, networks) in a uniform manner and display the current status of IT services?
  • IT failures: If individual systems, applications or network components fail, is it possible to assess which IT services are affected?
  • Root cause identification: How can I quickly determine the root cause of a service failure?
  • Maintenance: In the case of planned maintenance of individual components, am I able to name the effects on IT services?
  • Reports: How do I create reports on the availability of IT services and compliance with service level agreements?

What are the advantages of IT service monitoring?

Keep the overview

With uniform IT service monitoring, they monitor the status of the entire IT infrastructure, i.e. the systems, applications and networks. No matter whether in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid. This allows you to keep track of the status of your services at all times.

Find the cause of the fault

When services are impaired, it is important to find the cause quickly. Root cause analyses can be used to determine the causes of failures in a timely manner and link them to automated actions or instructions for action. This shortens the mean time to repair (MTTR) and improves service availability.

Set priorities

Disruptions have different effects and must be remedied with varying degrees of urgency. With IT service monitoring you determine the extent of the current impairments (blast radius). The link to service level agreements allows you to prioritise disruptions that occur at the same time.

Be informative

Service Reporting enables you to show the quality and availability of services over any period of time. In this way, you communicate availability reports, SLA reports and the quality of service delivery to internal and external stakeholders.

We support the selection and implementation of an IT security framework

As external IT auditors, we have helped numerous organizations audit their IT infrastructure, assess identified organizational and technical vulnerabilities, and derive and implement holistic cybersecurity frameworks.

Maturity analysis

We match goals and requirements for your service monitoring.


We propose a course of action and a solution.

Proof of Concept

We check whether the solution works in practice.


We implement the project entirely according to your ideas.

The right manufacturer for every project

The tools we use depend on your specific requirements. Solutions and products from our partner 

  • solutions and products from our partner IBM with Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps as well as the
  • the Grafana Enterprise Stack for state of the art application performance monitoring or
  • or OpenStreet Maps for geovisualisation.

If there are no ready-made solutions, we rely on customised software.


With Grafana you can manage the complexity of the cloud and your on premise IT with observability, automation and intelligence in one platform. The Grafana Enterprise Stack includes many features that provide better scalability, collaboration and governance in your environment. Dashboards, metrics, logs and traces. Choose what works best for you and your team.


With the AIOps platform "IBM Cloud Pak® for Watson AIOps" you can relieve your IT operations team specifically through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Detect incidents, faults and failures automatically and at an early stage so that they can be quickly remedied or even prevented. Reduce your operational costs and give your IT more time for innovation.

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