Mailroom - the smart solution from TIMETOACT

With TIMETOACT's Mailroom Service we relieve your employees so that they can concentrate on their most important tasks.

More and more companies are turning to digital document processing. Although the majority of processes can be automated nowadays, manual control and, if necessary, correction and/or supplementation of the captured data is always recommended. TIMETOACT relieves you of this so that your employees can concentrate on more important tasks.

Worry-free document processing

Digital document processing has numerous advantages - e.g. it accelerates process flows significantly. However, "digitized" does not always mean that everything can be done without human interaction in the course of processing: although with the help of an ECM system, data and information in documents are captured and recognized automatically, in order to obtain the best result, we recommend checking the accuracy of this data manually. In the course of the projects implemented by our ECM team, it has often turned out that our customers do not have the required resources or they do not want to burden the existing staff with these tasks.

That's why we launched our Mailroom Service for our customers: a service in which our trained Mailroom team verifies your incoming mail so that documents comply with your guidelines and document processing can be completely automated on your premises.

Professional, secure and flexible

The Mailroom team members have been dealing with the validation of our customers' captured data for years. Therefore, they can process your documents in a highly competent manner and quickly support you with any request. 

Of course, the security of your documents is a top priority: our colleagues work according to strict security guidelines and can only open the documents in the application intended for processing. In addition, we have developed technically tested measures to prevent documents from being stored on external data carriers and to completely secure access channels.


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