We support you in the certification of your ITAM system according to ISO/IEC 19770-1

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Become a true cost optimizer with a mature and certified ITAM system

IT Asset Management is often seen as a "doom and gloom" exercise that is only about minimizing risk. But with a mature ITAM system, you create transparency throughout the entire company and are thus a real cost optimizer. An official certification by an independent auditor also sends an enormous signal to software manufacturers to request an audit from you.

  • With an internally and externally visible certification according to ISO/IEC 19770-1 of your IT asset management system, you receive proof from an independent external auditor of the quality and effectiveness of your assets IT asset management system.

Thanks to ISO/IEC 19770-1 certified licence management, HDI reduces risks and saves costs

With the support of TIMETOACT GROUP, HDI officially proves the quality of its ITAM system and receives certification according to ISO/IEC 19770-1.

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What is ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification?

Since the fall of 2022, companies have been able to have their IT asset management system certified in accordance with the ISO/IEC standard ISO 19770-1 in order to demonstrate the quality and maturity of their ITAM system internally and externally.

The scheme for testing and awarding ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification was developed by the members of the ITAM Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting IT asset management among companies.

Your added value of ISO/IEC19770-1 certification:

  • Improving the efficiency of ITAM:
    Regular performance reviews and continuous improvements ensure that processes are as optimal as possible.

  • Effective ITAM:
    By aligning IT asset management systems with the global ISO standard, this not only creates and maintains an effective ITAM, but more importantly, ensures that your services meet the highest standard of ITAM.

  • Reduced risk of audits:
    With an effective and certified IT asset management system, audits are perceived as less disruptive and are significantly less likely to result in an expensive or unbudgeted outcome. In addition, it is desirable that certification fundamentally discourages vendors from auditing.

  • Transparency, efficiency and improvements:
    Supplementing existing certifications with ISO/IEC 19770-1 gives your ITAM additional efficiency and improvements. Because only a mature ITAM system can ensure what needs to be protected according to ISO 27001 (IT security) through transparency over IT assets.

  • Independent Review:
    The process for obtaining ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification includes a multi-stage audit by an independent third party/auditor. In addition to the audit, a GAP analysis may reveal further potential for optimization.

  • Reputation:
    Certified companies have a record of "good governance" towards internal and external stakeholders, especially towards internal management and software vendors.

As Certification Patron, we support you with ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification.

TIMETOACT is one of the first Certification Patron of the ITAM Forum. This means that we have proven special competencies to support our customers in the development of their IT asset management (incl. license management) and to make it ready for certification according to ISO/IEC 19770-1.

The audit itself is performed by an independent auditor specified by the ITAM Forum. However, our task starts much earlier:

  • Development & optimization of your ITAM system:
    We support customers from the initial considerations through all stages of ITAM system development and optimization. This means we work with you to create an ITAM strategy and business model, establish governance (policies with roles, responsibilities and processes) and help you operationalize and continuously improve them.
  • Approach according to the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" model
    On the one hand, we follow our best practice approach based on our extensive experience. On the other hand, we follow the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" model with the goal of an effective and efficient license management system and, most importantly, certification. The support during the audit and is then the final step.

"Plan, Do, Check, Act"-Modell

In terms of "Plan", it is essential that the ITAM (incl. license management) system is fundamentally defined with objectives, scopes and organization (process, structure, responsibilities), among other things. With "Do", the ITAM system must be operationalized / "lived". The "Do" should be monitored in the "Check" by means of corresponding test points in accordance with the ICS (Internal Control System) with regard to effectiveness and efficiency (performance). The "Act" is about regular improvement through corrective measures. It is important that all activities are documented.

Procedure for ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification

It is a great success for HDI AG to be able to officially prove the quality of its IT asset management system as the first consumer company worldwide. I would like to thank all my colleagues who helped to achieve this and TIMETOACT GROUP for their support and advice.

Patrick MilasIT License ManagerHDI AG

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