Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Our experts offer training and consulting on our (Cloud) services. This also includes Change Management or the introduction of new tools.Contact us now


Digital transformation

In the course of digital transformation, companies are relying more and more on the use of IT services from the cloud. Data must be accessible at any time and from anywhere in order to control business processes efficiently and flexibly.


Rely on cloud

More and more companies are turning to cloud solutions to store their data, as they offer more storage space and can be accessed from anywhere. Due to the diversity of possible uses, there are different types of cloud: private, public, multi- and hybrid. In order to provide IT structures via a computer network and move to the cloud, cloud computing and cloud transition are essential.

The modernization of applications and infrastructure are characterized by many advantages, such as high scalability, cost savings and more. The cloud solutions we use all meet the highest security standards and are, of course, DSGVO-compliant.

Cloud Development

Cloud development with CLOUDPILOTS is about working with customers to develop applications that run in the cloud. By including cloud technologies, it is easy to save costs through high scaling and increase efficiency at the same time.

Cloud Consulting

In the course of the digital transformation, companies increasingly rely on the use of IT services from the cloud. CLOUDPILOTS Software & Consulting provides comprehensive advice and support on all issues relating to the right cloud strategies for your company.

Cloud Deployment

In the past 10 years, CLOUDPILOTS has already led hundreds of companies into the cloud as a Google Cloud Partner. We are happy to accompany you into the cloud to enable the digital edge!

The cooperation with the TIMETOACT GROUP has worked well. Our individual solution was ready for use on time despite the tight schedule. It covers our core processes completely.

Diederik Sutorius CEOVOV GmbH

Cloud Computing

To remain competitive in the future, you need an enterprise-wide cloud strategy. A concrete roadmap on how to transform your existing applications into the "new world". You don't necessarily have to rewrite or modernize all your applications. But you do need a plan and an overview of what options are available today and tomorrow for implementing your cloud strategy.

Hybrid cloud

In addition to the typical cloud variant, in which IT resources are provided via the Internet, and the private cloud variant, in which IT resources are only available via the intranet, there is also the hybrid variant. In this case, provision takes place both via the intranet and the Internet.

IT Security & Microsoft 365 Introduction

The cloud brings agility and innovation to IT and can help organizations tremendously when it comes to simplifying operational processes, reducing costs and investing in new markets and services. But the switch should never be made recklessly. Which path is best for you - full cloud, hybrid or on-prem? What about your infrastructure and data security? Do you meet all compliance requirements? 

Atlassian Cloud

Large-scale outsourcing of IT services such as data storage, computing power or application software to the cloud is becoming increasingly common. As an innovation driver, Atlassian is also on this future-oriented path and offers the right hosting and operating platform for companies and institutions of all sizes with four different cloud offerings (Free, Standard, Premium & Enterprise).

Our Success Stories in Consulting & Cloud Transformation:

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